EasyCast OTA Miracast DLNA WiFi Dongle for iOS Android Windows Phones


In the modern era sharing content with others is part of our daily lifes. With a plethora of manufactures coming with their own unique way to share content it becomes diffcult to find a middle ground. EasyCast OTA is a wonderful device which eliminate the need of other devices or having a specific kind of TV to watch or play online content on your TV, projector laptop. Its common for most families to have multiple screens of various degrees in a household, EasyCast OTA makes use of DLNA, Miracast, EZAir (Airplay) to mirror your content on your HD TV.

EasyCast OTA

EasyCast OTA wireless dongle uses Wireless 802.11b/n/g to stream content from any device to your TV or projectors that have HDMI ports. Ita��s a pretty small device which weigh only 0.016 kg. Its dimensions of 2.63 x 1.38 x 0.51 inches offer a small footprint it can easily fit in on HDMI device especially if they are wall mounted. EasyCast supports full HDMI 1080p output and can mirror your smartphones be it Android or iOS. We personally think its one of EasyCast best features because it supports both Android and iOS devices apart from laptop or projectors. One can simply take their device and connect to their High definition TV. Unlike other products in the market that support either Android or iOS. Sharing content using EasyCast OTA wireless dongle becomes easy , imagine a scenario where you would like to show a picture of your family. Just a simple connect does it all. The moment is shared and remembered forever.

EasyCast 2

EasyCast Ota uses HDMI 1.4 as standard to mirror your content which better than previous generation of HDMI .With a full 1080p and requiring only a HDMI port for connection its easily the best office device for your presentation. With support for multiple mirroring technologies one might think its difficult to setup this device. Just one click does it all for it. There is one catch though the mirroring device should support Miracast, DLNA or Airplay which is almost a given in todays high end smartphone world. EasyCast has OTA build in. Future upgrades are directly available just like the smartphone that we use.

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