Dona��t you think Google is hyping Android L


Ever since the introduction of Android L to the market at some point in Google I/O 2014, Google has always been slipping out little doses of its upgraded features to the world, even after finishing the work on Android L, Why therea��s nothing out yet but just a preview and praises. Firstly Google announced that Android L will get 5000 new APIa��s and the current Dalvik will be replaced by ART but after strong rumours it came into being that to save extra battery life Project Volta will be introduced in Android L. In the form of doses Google is performing their own publicity stunt for making the imagination of world lusty for having Android L.

Android L

The evidence in this support is the self praises of Google stating that Android L I going to be the major update for Android operating system after ice-cream sandwich. Recent news has arrived that Google will no longer be giving updates on their Android L developer previews. The developers will have to build and test their application on the presently available preview. On the other hand Apple releases multiple Ios developer builds to get the most stable applications for their devices. Ita��s surprising to know why Google has chosen the other size which may have higher risk factor to get bugs.

The Smartphonea��s on which Android L will be made are being publicized nowadays which include majority of Nexus devices, HTC one series, Moto X, Moto G and Moto E, LG G2 and LG G3, Sony xperia Z1 and Xperia Z2, Samsung devices getting Android L are still sealed tight by Samsung. The poetic words were also used during Google I/O 2010 in which it was stated that Android L will be released for the world a�?this falla�?. When stressed on it the result came that this fall actually denotes this autumn. Actually we cana��t even blame Google for over hyping Android L, this is how the game goes. They are the leaders of Smartphone technology and grandly big Smartphone firms are dancing on Googlea��s fingertips. So, ita��s their time to show off which once belonged to Symbian OS.

Time comes and goes, likewise leaders gradually change. The hyping of Android L has got many benefits for Google. It will give an ignition to the anticipation of people wanting Android L for their devices which in turn will build stress on other manufactures to agree as many as deals possible with Google giving Google a mind-blowing profit. The deals will have to be obligatory to accept for developers because ita��s Google who owns the most anticipated Android L what can we do. The same kind of interaction is being glimpsed in Google one project for emerging nations especially India in which Micromax and Karbonn are the obligatory hosts bound willingly or unwillingly to cook stuff which Google wants to serve under this project.