Different Types of Mobile Cases or Covers for Smartphones


An indispensable device, your companion on the go, your very own – a mobile phone; so effervescent with one’s personality – age no bar; now needs no special mention it holds in our daily lives. Dynamics of a mobile device is not only limited to its make but also includes the whole profiling of a phone. This technological sift goes to define the personality of an individual along with the gadget one adorns in current times. That being said, the accessorization of these devices has a thriving market of its own. Needless to say, a very fertile ground for ideas and imagination to flow and flourish.

We here are talking about the cases/covers that go that extra mile to protect our beloved devices; mobile phones, tablets etc and keep them safe and sound from clumsy pin falls and greasy grips. Lets have a look below at the different types of guards one could use to armour their device against any uncalled for accident.

Choosing a proper case is vital for longevity of phone

Mobile Socks

Mobile Socks

Not only in tangy colours but also in quirky designs, these socks are made using different materials including woollen or cotton to fit either a particular device and a free for all size; albeit with some disadvantages. If the mobile phone socks is not the correct size then one may risk their mobile device from slipping out. Apart from this, a mobile sock may offer limited protection, that is, only till the time your phone is encased within. You may also take your chances while pulling your lovely device out of the sock while giving it away to a slippery luck but these socks offer a great variety in colour and texture which is mostly fabric; hence sock. Made for all ages, this one is particularly favourite amongst female following.

Mobile Pouches

Mobile Pouch

Pouches and sleeves are the not-so distant cousins of Mobile Socks. They are usually made using leather,suede, synthetic leather, neoprene material offering good protection for the device. They are normally offered in dark colours and can withstand shortfalls offering enough protection to a mobile around its edges. These pouches are usually popular amongst people who often change their mobiles but never care enough to change their covers. They also have a holster facility to clip on a belt. This saves some bulk on the pocket and is also easy to manuver with while on the go. This category of cases is widely accepted and is used with various models of mobile phones.

Phone Skins

Phone Skin

Graffiti for walls, Tattoos for bodes, Whacky Whodunits on automobiles and now Phone Skins for mobiles add vibrancy,spunk and character. Apart from offering minimal protection, the goal here is to serve a distinct personality to your phone without compromising on the silhouette of a product. These skins are fun and decorative ways to add style to cell. They are not the same as cell phone cases, which are usually more focused on protection and less on style. The skins attach directly to the surface of the mobile and makes it possible to attain a more unique look.

These phone skins are made with vinyl products. This material has a glossy finish and can make use of a wide range of colours to bring out the design. Normally, the skins fit on the body of the phone without interfering with any of its functionality. One major advantage of using decorative skins is that they are not permanently attached to the phone. This means that it is possible to purchase several different ones and change the look of the phone to match the occasion.

Today, cell phone skins are manufactured to fit just about every type of cell phone. It is possible to purchase ones that are configured to fit on any make or type with equal ease. The skins are relatively inexpensive, and many companies that sell phone accessories carry a wide range of colours and patterns, it is also possible to order a customized design.

Face Plates

Face Plate

A mobile faceplate is a snaps on your device and covers the outer surface of a phone. These covers are made from durable material, usually plastic, and serve as protection and decoration to the cell phone. A mobile phone faceplate is more convenient than the slip-on versions of cell phone protectors. To begin with, they do not interfere with the use of the buttons or any flip-action components the phone may have. Faceplate come in different shapes and sizes depending on the phone for which it was made.

The thin, solid material is fabricated to the phonea��s specifications so that it fits securely onto the natural outline of the phone without hindering the use of the phone. They are far more exciting than the leather and thin plastic slip-covers. The options available for the faceplate are immense. Faceplate come in almost all colours; bold prints range from smileys to superhero characters to animal print and all that seems trendy in design; finish usually is glossy, matte, textured, or more; and in certain cases the use of glitterati stuff like rhinestones, gems, or shiny flakes are available additions as well. These case types appeal to all ages and can be easily swapped matching the mood or colour of your dress.

Body Gloves

Body Gloves

Body gloves are made from different materials like TPU(thermoplastic polyurethane) or Soft Gel and Silicone. A typical silicone case is very thin soft plastic case customized to fit various devices ranging from mobiles to tablets. Silicone cases offer less protection as they are thin wraps and slippery to hold. They are available at very low rates but in the bargain offer a wide variety and choice.

Ironically, these type of cases have gained a lot of popularity since they are easily available at any mobile shop or electronics accessory store. On the other hand, a TPU case offers a robust quality with a mixture of hard plastic and soft silicone. It’s outcome – very dense, smooth texturized rubber available in different colours and customized models. These are extremely durable and cab withstand a drop, anti-friction body does not let the phone to slip away. Their price ranges in standards from duplicate to original and can offer decent protection to our objet d’affection.

Hybrid Cases

Hybrid Case

Hybrid cases equivalent our superheroes’ costumes because they have a multiple-level protection casing with plugs to cover the most essential and evidently open ports available on any mobile device. These cases at a basic level come in two parts, a plastic casing and a thick TPU rubber glove encasing the plastic skeletal which binds the mobile within. This double protection not only protects a device from shocks, dust, water sprinkles or light showers.

They can take a normal fall with a smile and still go unabashed giving full armored protection to your phone.The more expensive ones have triple layer protection where they offer to protect the device from a catastrophic fall on a rough terrain or a unattended dip in shallow waters. These are dust proof, water proof, shock proof, child proof(pun intended) and are made to provide you the highest degree of assurance when it comes to safety of your device. They are also known as Military cases for their sheer appearance and standard for protection. Highly recommended for all those who prefer strong build over fancy plates. Certainly not for those who would sulk at the look of their new iPhone resembling an army truck.


Portable devices have a purpose in our daily chores and a good case/cover stands out to guard and ensure that your phone remains durable, to make it appear trendy, or, simply, to protect the phone from usual wears and tears. Finding the perfect case for your phone can be challenging and at the same time a priority because at the end of day, it is but a matter of assessing your own needs and insuring the quintessential quotient between you and your device.