Cardboard app brings virtual reality to your Smartphone


Google recently during Google I/O presented the new Cardboard app which completely lets you mimic the functioning of VR headset. Google distributed some loads of cardboard built VR Toolkit to its participants along with some other gifts.The main features of this virtual reality headset mimic is that it exactly gives the feeling of reality, YouTube gives you the feel of watching videos on a massive screen, Street Vue makes you wander in streets in a VR way, Photo Sphere gives you the feel of watching your photos in new angle which you have taken in panorama mode, Earth Flyover makes you fly over a city in an extra ordinary clarity, you can start and stop flying just on a single click, Windy Day is an animation built by Google which is very adorable, there you see some animals and falling leaves, Exhibit has got few monuments which you can see in 3D using this application, and Tour Guide can make you know about the survival of Palace of Versailles during WWI by its detailed exploration.

Cardboard App

Now you know the every feature of this application, all you have to do is get the VR Toolkit and build the VR headset out of cardboard. Here is the outlook of the VR building procedure. You need things which are easily available in neighborhood which include a cardboard sheet, a rubber band a circular magnet and a Velcro flap.
Two holes are made on one side of cardboard box where two lenses are fitted for Smartphone screen distortion. Whereas the magnet is placed on the front of cardboard, this is very easy part. When you latter start the application the magnet acts like a button and you have to glide the magnet every time you want to select something on screen.

The magnet automatically regains its position because of the opposition of another magnet placed inside. This whole set up gives about 7inch experience. We couldn’t been lucky enough t go for Google I/O so it is little hard to build it throw distorted Tool-kits. But choose the best toolkit option and you can set it up within hours. However if you aren’t willing to make one for yourself or didn’t got time to build it, you can buy it at a cost of few dollars from your neighborhood or a third party gadget lovers. This was the most extra ordinary experience of Google I/O where Google came up with a cardboard box with their technology fitted in it.