Blood Zombies HD Android action game review and download


For all action, game fans here comes a High Definition application to add to your list of action games. War studio presents BLOOD ZOMBIES HD for all action lovers. Where you have to be a saviour and protect your world from hibernating ZOMBIES. The story behind the game is 100 years ago after humans won the battle against zombies, but few hibernating Zombies have united now and are trying to strong there run over humans, where you as a user (THE HERO) have to join hands with the GOOD GUYS and protect your world from this ZOMBIE ATTACK. The game allows to you to buy different professional (army level) weapons to take revenge against zombies and emerge as a hero.

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The graphics provided by the authors are great with better colour palette makes a fun game to play with. They have provided almost real like graphics and sound to make the game more interesting.A� The game provides you with great real time looks and the game play becomes more interesting when you unlock all guns. The authors have worked hard in creating an overwhelming zombie army, backgrounds, etc.

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After 100 years, zombies have reunited to take control and you act as a hero to save the world using various equipments. The game allows you to take different missions in your city at various locations and completing this mission will lend you unlocking equipments, bosses mission. A�Authors have provided with various killing methods like unlimited ammo, grenades, etc. to help you complete the task. The game provides you with a limited cash to buy basic guns, ammo, & equipment, but for further access, you have to buy gold.

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  • Different professional (army level) weapons like AK47, M4, M249, etc.
  • Various game modes
  • Thrilling fight locations
  • Exclusive zombies look
  • Challenging task
  • Various helpful equipments.


BLOOD ZOMBIES HD has very good graphics, great designs look fun to play with but unlike few other ZOMBIE games here our hero has been restricted to a minimum, movements. The game is being equipped with a cross arrow to kill zombies, but in certain phones it hangs and lets you miss fire. One of the many annoying features is sound of HEADSHOT every time you kill a zombie. There are certain reloading issues, especially at higher levels, which need to be corrected by the authors unless it is a part of the challenge.A� Large number of users claim it to be addictive, but frankly, I would not prefer that.


The game is available on Android market free. This 19Mb game requires 2.2 or higher Android OS version. The game has been given a rating of 4.2 on the market by the users and have a large number of downloads. Authors have updated the game 14 January 2014 and have removed certain bugs.

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