Best Top 5 Navigation | Maps Apps on Android Devices


One of the best pros of Smartphone revolution was that we can now throw away all those pieces of paper in our bag or pouch along with the 15 minutes before leaving home of poring over maps trying to elaborate where we were going to go. GPS-enabled Smartphones have helped a lot but the app decides how much it is useful to you. Here are the very best and most useful navigation apps to download to the Smartphone. There are many applications built out of them chosen with specialized features are listed below. Opting for the ones with the functions useful to you and suits best can be downloaded from the play store.


GPS Tracking Pro
GPS Tracking Pro allows users to keep contact with people in their neighborhood and gives exact location updates. Users can take benefit of these services to check on friends and family at their exact places. Images of friends and family can be placed into map icons. It also locates a phone that has been stolen or misplaced through GPS tracking system. Users just need to open website to login and click on the map and the phone will be shown.

Google Maps

Google Maps
Google Maps was , is and will be always be the first name that comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to navigation. Google Maps offers free service to its users worldwide without any hidden conditions or charges. It has the simplest way of navigating from point A to point B. Indoor maps, 3D maps, nearby places, travel time, calculate route and can plan public transportation too. Offline support is also available for non- active internet connection users.


Nav Free
It is actually free navigation app available. The amazing thing about this unique app is it allows the user to save the map in a memory card or on a device which is very useful when there is no internet connection available .Also the unique feature is that it is an open source app which allow users to create and make changes worldwide.


sygic maps
It’s a true offline navigation app available today, leaving behind all other claiming apps. It allows users to browse around streets, state and even country without the use of the internet and it has the best interface. It also supports rote calculation and regular traffic updates.


waze maps

It can be called as best social connectivity app. It uses the updates from local users and provides information and update about traffic jams. It requires an active internet connection as the map is loaded on the go.

Navigate the world with just one touch!!!