Best live ICC world cup 2015 streaming app for Android and iphone


The escalating digitalization of broadcasts has made ICC Word Cup 2015, the most trending sport right now on TVa��s as well as Smartphonea��s. Even ICC has introduced the efforts to make this CWC 2015 accessible to everyone via a huge variety of modes. Their release of native ICC CWC 2015 app is the clear cut indication that ICC wants every fellow to stay in strong bond with this event. A huge variety of third party applications are hovering on the internet which natively features cricket scores and updates, each app offers their own specialty but only rear numbers of applications are present in the world which gives live streaming of CWC 2015 for free.

Hotstar App

The best one being the hotstar app is the production of Star Pvt. Limited Which offers a wide range of entertaining stuff for free. This trending hotstar application is compatible with iOS as well as Android platform for free. Besides the offering of live CWC 2015 streaming, this application offers access to different other sports leagues also which include EPL, ISL HIL, etc. since this application is the property of Star, all the TV shows and sports shows which are shown on their networks are made available in this application, even serials from different entertainment channels. Only few of the Hollywood shows are seen present in this application which needs to be broadened soon. Thus, video library is great for the Indian serial and sports lovers but on the international level, it is still lacking that depth, however can be used for word cup 2015 streaming for sure.

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Talking about performance, this application although looks an ocean full of entertainment but practically it lacks the spark of being stable on working, i.e. video streaming. On streaming videoa��s, this application doesna��t give you any chance to watch the video quality you want, but instead automatically adjusts to it, good quality or bad quality, you have to compromise. The annoying minute long ad with no option of skipping it always keeps giving pains to users because of its buffering problem on even high speed networks. Besides these, there are few more minor glitches noticed that definitely need to be wiped out from this application.

Thus overall this application is a good food for ICC CWC 2015 and Indian TV lovers. Its UI is very smoothly polished with tiled icon making it look very tidy. Ita��s provides access to the playlists, and downloads. The videos are organized in different section according to their category like sports, serials, movies, etc. Thus, providing a transparent, easy to use UI for enjoying this app. However, this application badly needs an update full of bug fixes and removing of performance glitches.
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