Best Free Download Games for Nokia X


Nokia X series phone is the first Android compatible phone which means you can run plenty of Android apps on your Nokia X, X+ and XL phone. Now if you can download any game which was meant for Android then you should check the list of the games provided for your Nokia X series phone.

Nokia X

1. Angry Birds
Top grossing game for Android is Angry Birds, game is very simple but ita��s really appealing and you will spend hours playing this game. Nokia also has Angry Birds version on its symbian OS but now with enhanced graphics and updates of this game you will experience another level of Angry Birds on your Nokia X series phone.

Angry Birds

2. OpenSudoku
Sudoku is most renowned game globally and most of the news paper now comes with this game on it. But now Sudoku has reached one level up and which allows you to go through new puzzles installed by Sudoku makers. Game is simple and has same rules like of other simple Sudoku games. So download today and start gaming.


3. Asphalt 8: Airborne
This is one of the best racing games available for Nokia X series phone. You will be a racing against your opponent and if you have skills then clear the stage by beating all and earn reward points. You can use your earned reward point to unlock new cars or to customize the cars to match your need to outclass the opponent. Graphics of the game are very good and if you have skill then you can perform stunts too. If you are racing freak then you will not miss this game.
Asphalt 8 Airborne

4. Battle Nations
If you like combat strategy game then you should definitely take a glance at this game as this game is full of strategies to be made to win the game. You will experience 500 missions to accomplish and this game is most praised by gaming blogs as well. You will make a strategy to accomplish the task and if your strategy fails then mission will be failed, so keep your calm and unleash the best out from you to play this game.

Battle Nations

5. Candy Crush Saga
New craze among the people is this game called Candy Crush Saga. Game is very simple but still it is growing as most downloaded game. You can also integrate this game with your social networking site Facebook and can invite your friends to play this game. Play the game and score top and post it in your Facebook account and challenge your friends to beat your score. Game has nothing in graphics but its turning to be a popular time waster and this game has potential to keep you busy for long hours.
Candy Crush Saga