Which is the best cleaning app available for android?


With recent advent of apps, bloating operating system, it has became very important that one conserves space on a smartphone and use it smartly but there are times that no matter how conservatively you use the phones memory. At times like these one requires an app to ensure that precious space can be reclaimed with the hassle of doing too much tweaking for it.There are several cleaning apps available for android, but the best cleaning app is Clean Master Phone Boost. This is the most downloaded cleaning app on android market. Millions of users are using this app because of its mind boggling features. Leta��s have a look at some of the exciting features of this app.

Clean master clean App

Several benefits which user can avail

This app is not only responsible for cleaning junk files which include cache and residual files; it also works as an antivirus. It will protect your Smartphone from virus, Trojan and spyware by scanning all the apps. The user does not need to worry about the privacy of his Smart phone if he has downloaded this app as it keeps your privacy absolutely safe by scrubbing personal information from your Smart phone.

It will boost memory and CPU

By installing this app on your device it will boost all the applications installed on your device, free up memory which will help in increasing speed of your device. Tap boost and game features are available for this purpose. You can add widgets of these features on the home screen and boost memory directly from there.

With the help of this app you can also know how much CPU is used by all the apps. This info can be used checking issues such as slowing down of your phone, overheating and saving battery by closing unwanted apps.

Helps in improving your device performance

You can uninstall all the unwanted apps from your device. Pre installed apps can also be uninstalled by using this app. normally you have to root your device for uninstalling systems app. This is only possible by using the app manager feature. By uninstalling all the unwanted apps the phone performance will be improved.

Cool transition effects and super features

This app is simple to use and has a super fast user interface. It also has cool transition effects which seek the attention of many users. This app scans the device in just 8 seconds, which is 500% faster than other antivirus android apps.

How to download this app?

This app is available free of cost and can be downloaded from Google play store. This app requires camera permission for Clean Mastera��s flashlight feature. If you agree to give permission, then the app will be installed on your Smartphone.

Clean Master Phone Boost is the best cleaner and security app. It has been ranked number 1 antivirus by AVTEST. More than 200 million people are using this app all over the world and many users get registered with this app daily. So, download this app for better cleaning and safety of your device.