Best camera phone that can take amazing photos in dark


Memories are what make human life’s something that binds all of us to near and dear ones. A perfect moment echoes through life and forever leaves a mark with us.Smartphones are such an essential part of your life’s we carry it everywhere, modern phones have excellent cameras some are better than cameras that are out there. Sometimes One of the most difficult things to do with smart phones is to click clear pictures in dark. But with the advancement in the technology and presence of flash LED, it has become quite easier to click clear images during dark. Here is some of the best camera phones that can take amazing photos in dark explained in detail.

Camera phone

Appe iPhone 5S

One of the most amazing things about Iphone 5s is that you can easily click crystal clear images during night also or dark environment. This phone comes with an 8 mega pixel rear camera with a LED flash that helps in getting clear images. Moreover with the presence of Panorama and HDR modes the job of clicking images during dark conditions becomes easier.

Samsung Galaxy S5

This is one the latest smart phones lunched by Samsung and the best part about this camera phone is that it comes with a 16 mega pixel camera and real time HDR. The camera also comes with a LED Flash option which makes clicking pictures during low light environment a smooth affair. One of the best things about this phone is that it has got excellent processing capability which makes clicking of pictures very easy as well as fast.

Nokia Lumia 1020

When we are taking about the best camera phone then how can we forget Nokia? Well, this time he company has managed to launch a new smart phone that has got a capability of clicking superb pictures in dark. This smart phone from Nokia comes with huge 41 mega pixel camera and with such a powerful camera you can click crystal clear images. Some more interesting features include image stabilization and shutter speed control. All these advanced features make it ideal for clicking excellent pictures during darker environment.

Sony Xperia Z1s

The best thing about Sony Xperia Z1s is that it has got a 20.7 mega pixel camera that has got special Exmor-RS sensor. With such advanced features you can click perfect pictures in darker areas. No matter if it is a evening party or late night dinner, you can click clear images and post them across your social media profiles with ease.

Though there are many more such amazing smart phones that are available with excellent camera options but the above mentioned ones are considered as one of the best camera phones. Currently they are also one of the most largest selling camera phones in the market and each one of them carries a warranty from their respective stakeholders.