Is there any android phone that has 4GB RAM


Smartphone users with Android as their OS are in for a special treat with 4GB RAM included in the latest versions. Popular mobile phone sellers are known to surprise the customers with the introduction with various features. However, the availability of 4GB RAM is one of the greatest achievements in recent times as far as smartphone technology is considered. The increasing craze for Android phones has doubled with the latest storage feature included in an exceptional manner. Faster loading of applications with even better clarity is now possible with the inclusion of the latest features in an exact manner as they anticipate the most. Making necessary changes in the device too is possible with the flexible operational features.

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Modern chipset technology with 64-bit computing feature has revived the mobile phone market to a maximum extent. Perhaps, the competition among firms relying upon Android OS has been taken a new level. With most of the other companies still struggling to come to terms with 3GB RAM, the giant manufacturers in the market are now speeding things to a new high. Numerous 2014 editions of smartphones, tablets and phablets are already included with the maximum RAM capacity making the much needed difference. Privileged users get to boast the newly available feature without foregoing upon other applications and preferences, which means that they get increased user interface.

DDR4 mobile RAMs are known to revolutionize the performance feature with racy loading of apps with perfect quality standards maintained. Perhaps, this is not the same case with DDR3 RAMs offering 50% lesser performance than the users require. Higher resolution too is possible with additional features included such as retina display offering a different mobile operating experience altogether. Additionally, notable changes could be brought in the data transfer rates as well. Bringing in breakthrough changes with the 64-bit chip architecture is expected to provide desktop convenience to the users in an exclusive manner. Perhaps, this comprehensive feature will allow Android users to download apps much faster than earlier.

With the inclusion of HD display becoming more common in smartphones and tablets, the requirement of 4 GB RAM is increasingly felt among high-end users. Checking the attractive features in a comprehensive manner will never ensure that there will be a compromise in terms of performance. Meanwhile, the introduction of 4 GB tablets with renewed performance and other attractive features is regarded as a healthy sign in the mobile phone market with the customers set to benefit to an optimum extent. Quick response from the OS laced with improved memory will definitely bring the much needed changes in the way in which users are known to make use of their devices.