Android OS still a more vulnerable OS than iOS


Both the mobile platforms iOS and Android are at the peak of their advancement but still there are a lot of reasons for which Android platform is still far behind than iOS. We are saying this not because of iPhone fandom but we have seen lot of pit falls in Android which however are eradicated in iOS. We are going to share some of those drawbacks of Android here with you who make iOS better, safer and secure than Android.

IOS vs Android

1. Security:

It’s obvious to you that in today’s age, our Smartphone’s need much more security than our wallets do. We have got personal data like photos and videos stored in our Smartphone which can be highly confidential. Both ios and Android can be secured by using password feature. But my friend let me tell you this feature is no longer helpful to you when it comes to storage of data in memory card. Android Smartphone’s always start lagging when we store data in their internal memory which simply implies that their operating system cannot handle too much data so most of the Android users store their data in their SD cards exposing their data to unwilling threat. However iOS has no lagging problem for how much data you store in internal memory. It has overcome the problem because of data and even if your iPhone is stolen, they will need to reinstall it’s software which will wipe out all your personal data automatically keeping you always at safer side.

2. Custom hardware:

When it comes to Android platform, there are lot of hardware specifications available. Like single core, dual core, Adreno 330 GPU and Mali- 400 GPU. The various Android manufacturers often choose the hardware which is price and performance friendly and when it comes to latest software updates, the developers aren’t aware to the fact that will the Smartphone get upgraded to the new version or not. Even in some cases a cheap quality custom hardware can be used which will result in breakdown of Smartphone within some time. You might be known to the fact that Android is an open source program so every developer forks it the way it’s beneficial for them without caring for the Smartphone work out and Software up gradations in future. On the other hand iOS lies in hands of some selected brains who manufacture models once for all compatible with versions of iOS. The hardware and software combination of iPhone goes linearly which makes it a preferred choice.

3. Interface:

IOS operating system is still much more flawless and smoother than Android even after release of huge number of updates. This feature doesn’t need too much explanation because we experience it in our life normally. This is because there’s a common processing unit in Android which manage both core processing of applications as well as user interface. This makes Android user interface rough sometimes when it comes to heavy application usage. This technique is not present in iOS. They have got a separate unit for user interface processing which always keeps flowing smooth no matter how heavy a running application is.

4. Application Compatibility and Mimics:

Whenever an application is launched by any agency or organization, it is first made available for ios and then latter on for Android and Windows platform. This is only because iOS is the best safer and secure operating system than rest f the Smartphone’s. No matter how huge specifications they use in developing Android Smartphone, still all the heavy applications and games are first workable on iOS. When Android fails to get the same application for them then only option left for them is mimicking the iOS application. For example a huge time before an iPhone game Run like Hell was developed that couldn’t be mimicked so Android introduced the same concept in their Temple Run which clearly shows the superiority of iOS over Android.

5. Looping results into pitfall:

When Android first came into existence, they started developing complicated controls and applications which needed users to have enough time on learning of how to use it. After mimicking iOS they are also trying to make interface as simple as possible in every upgrading version because complications lead to threats and lags. However iOS from the very beginning tried to be simple and is still getting more users friendly with each new upgrade. Therefore much less loop holes and pitfalls will be present in iOS as compared to Android.