What is Android L? : A brief Rundown


Time has come for Android to move on to the next level. The Kitkat version of Android has not been yet launched on even 15% of Android Smartphone’s but still android has decided to make the next move in this ever expanding space of technology. This might not be because Kit Kat was lacking that charm which Android needed but Kit Kat was just a little bug fix as already told by Google. Kit Kat has fixed its bug now it’s the time for real update.

Android L

Android L is believed to be the new of android believed to hit the market soon. According to the android chief Sundar Pichai, this update is going to be the most dominant update for Android after Ice cream Sandwich; however it has not been made clear that what version of Android this would be called. It can be 4.5 or 5.0 or something unknown. Android has developed roughly 5000 new API’s for the developers for the better application development. Android has also given a highlights about the user interface of new Android L and mentioned that everything will be much better, edges will be smoother and the 3D effects will be added in titles in the way it has been never before.

We know that everyone is too clumsy to grab the new update you will have to wait for sometime more, currently from 26 June onwards, it will be made available for developers only. The rest of the world will get to see it after the project is completed with perfection.The intact home, back and multi task button have also been upgraded; the animations have been made to come alive by interacting with one another. A massive update will be seen on its lock screen and notification bar, there no two words for lock screen and notification bar they are going to be hybridized in a single window where only the most essential information will appear and just a simple glide up on your screen will take you into your phone.

An awesome concept of application interdependence has been introduced in this new update where different applications will work together like a tissue organized of cells. Android L will work on ART instead of Dalvik which is believed to be twice as faster as Dalvik which simply means it is much more efficient and one more essential thing about it is that it is RAM friendly. Other than this, battery efficiency is also to be increased by introducing new concept being called as Project Volta.

However it has not been disclosed so far but it is going to increase battery life by about 90 minutes which inst much but still better. One more feature for entertainment is being added. The users will be able to watch TV through Android TV. You can watch movies, shows, trailers and every other stuff right through your Smartphone. This may also be the simple indication of Android setting food towards the world of TV and entertainment. So far it is kept confidential.