Amazon Kindle PaperWhite Hands On Review


Amazon has revealed its next generation ebook reader and with the advancement it has improved many features and specs in its new device. Amazon is striving in the market from very long and knows how to capture market and what to produce to gain customers attraction. Revival of next generation ebook reader has 3G connectivity which will help you to download your favorite books and stuffs with greater connectivity speed.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Front

Design of the new eBook reader from Amazon has simple and sober design with only one hardware button on the body. As the device is eBook reader, gripping on hands and use of device produces good feel in your hand. Device is 9.1mm thick which is no surprise because previous flagship also had same thickness. Kindle Paper White comes in two variant 3G and Wi-Fi models, one can choose among both the models depending upon your need. Wi-Fi model has weight of 206 grams and 3G models of this device weights 215 grams. Device is given with flip-cover which protects your device from knocks and scratches, flip cover is same like of Apple iPad and works same like of iPad cover.

Now we talk about the display which is offered with 6-inch and has resolution of 1280×720 pixels which gives better output. Display features has been improved from previous flagship and given good output in terms of color reproduction and viewing angles. Display of this device is packed with 12ppi pixel density which helps reading text clearly and without straining your eyes. You will definitely carry your device with your every where and so the display response under sun is also good but not best.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Back

Hardware of Kindle PaperWhite is improved with new faster processor which has improved the response of the device to much greater extent. If you change the page then the response time taken to change page is now very less and opening books which has heavy image can also be handled easily on this device. Device has only 2GB memory which is quite low and there is no slot to increase the memory of the device. 2GB storage will store 1100 books in it but books which have good images occupy more space and count of books reduces.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Side

Battery of the device is also improved much better. Now you can wake up with your device for 8 weeks but in some conditions. If you use this device for half and hour daily then it will stay with your for 8 weeks in one charge. Performance reduces if you use Wi-fi or 3G connectivity to download books. In all the battery of the device is simply great. If you are planning to buy eBook reader then opt for Kindle PaperWhite because it has nominated as best eBook reader device of the year.