Amazon Fire Smartphone brings out stunning 3D effects


The first Smartphone from Amazon has finally come into existence after a huge hue and cry. Amazon has introduced a latest unseen technology in this Smartphone hoping to turn the tables with those features. They are calling it “dynamic perceptive” making you to do see everything in 3D. The real secret of this 3D feature is very surprising. This Fire Smartphone has got four infrared cams on its front side, those 4 micro cams analyze the position of your face with respect to the position of your Smartphone and detect the angle and distance through which you are looking at the Smartphone.

Amazon Fire Phone

The 3D effects are produced in accordance with your position and make you to see the images, website and other stuff more deeply. The second most essential service provided by the root cause of this 3D technique is Firefly. This stunning feature lets you capture any materialistic thing and makes you know whatever you want to know about a product. For example if you capture a book in your Firefly, it will show you the price, availability and details of that book from Amazon Website.

If not present there, then the details about it will be showed from Wikipedia database. The 3D effects are not just merely for show off but have made Smartphone function and features much more easy and innovative. If finds use in games, you can just nod your head left or right to make a tilt in the game. Moreover just the tilt towards your right side makes the Smartphone to open application menu. Tilting this Smartphone towards the either side in music menu makes pop up the music lyrics, tilting it on any image makes it show the same image in different perspective and there are many other tricky 3D features just based upon your head nodding and tilt.

This dynamic perspective is just the beginning stage of 3D era still more is yet to come and it still needs a lot of improvements but it is still the best 3D phone so far. Improvement is needed in the field of tilting that means you can’t keep your head busy all the time with your Smartphone tilting and you will ultimately fall into neck problem. So you should block some unwanted 3D actions to keep your head free from stress all the time. Overall it’s the best 3D Smartphone you should go for if you want to feel something new.