An Alien with a Magnet game for Android, Windows Phone and iOS review


An Alien with a Magnet game for Android, Windows Phone and iOSA�

For all the puzzle lovers here is a game on both iTunes AND ANDROID MARKET a�?An Alien with a Magneta�?. This adventure puzzle game comes free on both the markets; as well, it is available on MAC & WINDOWS SYSTEM. The plot for this game is SPACE where our alien with the help of magnet travels around the galaxy. The authors have turned the entire screen as a single control panel instead of giving them many controls unlike other games. This one touch game introduced by rejected games authora��s of An Alien with a Magnet is a fun to play. Where with just one touch you can make our game alien hop around to grab jewels and earn high score for you. The task expected to reach to the next level is, via collecting jewels, find hidden planets and taking our alien to his home. The centre creature created (alien) by Rejected games is cute and the sound accompanied by the game. The game lets you travel in a space ship with a magnet on its tail to hop across different planets.

An Alien with a Magnet

The authors provide you & your alien to explore different galaxies as the game progress. The alien revolves around various planets with unique structure and size for precious jewels & gems on their orbits. The game provides with all the space element black hole, stars, planets, asteroids as a hurdle. The authors provide you with a challenging puzzle levels as well as a bonus round for more entertainment.

a�? The single touch gives you easy control.
a�? The authors have handcrafted 45+ levels to enjoy this adventurous puzzle.
a�? Magnet is the only equipment that lets you pass the level.
a�? The time attack section tests your speed and lets you master the game.
a�? The high resolution visuals and better level designs are a masterstroke.
a�? Over 20+ achievements within Game Center & with leader board rankings.
a�? The game lets you share your videos on YouTube, Facebook & other social sites.


The game designs and colour schemes are good and turns you kid. The centre creature created (alien) by Rejected games is cute and the sound accompanied by the game. The high game resolutions are like masterstrokes to an art. Games touch is good and different level make you go on and on. The game is fun to play, but at times when you are stuck up it gets boring. The game complexes by adding new hurdles, such as asteroids, rocks, etc., which will make you, think to switch paths. The game also provides alternate exits, which lends you to bonus stages to grab more points. The game requires few updates with new levels and adding little more high-powered magnet option to play with as a challenge.


The game is available on iTunes, Windows Phone & Android market free.A� This 93Mmb game on iOS market requires 5.0ios version or later and is compatible with various latest apple devices (iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c, iPads ,iTouch, etc.). On Android market 2.2 and above android version are required for this 48Mb game.A�And on Windows Phone it requires Windows Phone 8 and size 46Mb game.


An Alien with a Magnet game for Android
An Alien with a Magnet game for Windows Phone
An Alien with a Magnet game for iOS