5 tips to keep your android phone fully managed and protected


If you are using any Smartphone then it is very necessary to keep your phone safe, secure and fully managed. It is very difficult to keep your phone completely managed, if your phone stolen or lost then you should able to retrieve your important data like messages, contacts call logs and file and folders, I know it’s very difficult but I will give you some tips which helps you to make these tasks a little bit easier.

Android Protected

1. File Manage
Manage files and folder on your mobile phone which keeps you easy to access and all data like musics, videos, images, applications etc. To manage all data on your inbuilt and external memory you have to use one good file manager. There are lots of file manager are available in the market but I would like to personally suggest you Astro file manager, ES File Explorer and File manager. First 2 file manager and the best file manager you can also connect your Facebook, Google drive, sky drive, drop box to manage your cloud files. But 3rd only manages files in a simple manner and very easy to use.

2. Safety and Security
Everyone wants their phone secured and protected from misuse. You should install a good antivirus application on your phone and this will keep you protected and secured with viruses, malware, spyware, online exploitation etc. Which can be dangerous. I would like to suggest antivirus like AVG mobile antivirus security Pro, Kaspersky mobile security and these android antivirus software is paid, Avast mobile security and antivirus is free. All these antivirus software is very good and you can any of them to secure your mobile phone, paid antivirus includes some more great features and helps you to track your phone if your phone is lost or stolen. Else you can only phone tracker application if you don’t want to install full antivirus applications like where’s my Dorid and Plan B. These two android phone trackers applications are totally free. Please note that no above application will work if phone restored to factory setting with the help of flashing tool and all locks has been removed.

The most important data in your phone is contacts, messages, call logs, personal photos and videos etc. To protect your contacts you have to sync your contacts on google contacts, do not use phone memory or SIM card to save your contact, always use google account to display and save contacts. So you can easily anytime retrieve your contact in your new phone. To backup your messages, logs, apps and file you can use My Backup which free and trial and My Backup Pro which is paid. There are lots of backup apps are available in google play store but I will suggest you to buy My Backup Pro version which can create and upload a backup automatically as you scheduled. Make new backup daily and upload online.

Keep your phone always lock protected by google lock security like pattern, password or lock code. This lock is much secured if user enters wrong lock code more than 15 times then phone automatically lock and it asks for gmail password, this lock is nearly impossible to hack or break, else you have to restore your phone to factory settings and phone data has will be erased.

Before setting up for new android phone it asks for keeping backup and restore your phone with google account then tick right to check a box. It will automatically restore your all applications which are installed on the previous Android phone.

3. Cloud storage
There’s lots of applications are available on google play which offers you cloud storage but the best are Google Drive, Sky Drive and Drop Box which is allows you to store data 5 GB, 7 GB, and 2 GB respectively for free of cost further you have to pay for more space. This is the best idea you can store all your important file and folder which is you will need it anytime anywhere. You can stream videos, listen music, view photos etc. Once the data are uploaded to any cloud storage then you can easily access and modify your data from anywhere and from any device even your phone is switched off or not working by just entering username and password. And it’s also useful in case if you phone is stolen or lost.

You can also use Picasa to store your photo online which saves your phone memory and you can access all your phone after sync because it stores images in cache of your phone. To listen music you use Google Play Music, it has thousands of songs so you can create playlists of your favorite numbers. This service is free for some time then you have to little amount for taking all its advantages.

Finally, if you are using cloud storage for all your data in your phone then you retrieve almost all data in a few minutes if your phone has been stolen or lost.

4. Music and video
For music you can use Real Player totally free and Power Amp paid version, these are the best application for playing music but not so good for video. For video you can use MX Player and it is one the best application for playing videos on a phone because it has lots of gesture control options to control your video while playing. It can play almost all video formats.

You can use your Android phone as a remote control with VLC Remote app. You can control your VLC Media Player video on the computer, it offers you nearly all options to control video with your phone like play, pause, stop, forward, back, aspect ratio, subtitle, browse videos, etc.

5. Language, Keyboard and Typing
Android stock keyboard is one the best keyboard ever I get but I few more keyboard which may be better as compared to stock keyboard. Swiftkey and Swype keyboard offers you very different typing experience by sliding your finger on keyboard. These two apps are paid but in the play store you will find many slide keyboard for free which is not as good as these two. Many language support, precise word prediction, faster typing, etc


  1. Today, every one want to have the android phone and so it is very important to how to keep the phone protected and managed. I liked the tips that you have provided and I am very sure that these tips will also help others. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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