5 reasons to buy zero zero robotics hover camera


Hover camera drone is definitely the need of an hour because everyday we see around us people doing a lot of crazy stuff just to take a one good photograph and some are even getting killed for it which is totally not cool. The people for whom a perfect photograph makes their day, Zero Zero robotics hover camera also known as Passport has come to their rescue. Let us give you the five reasons that wont make you buy it but will make you crave for it.

Hover Camera is Unique

1. Zero Zero Robotics Hover drone camera is hardly as big as an average hardcover book when it is folded thus making it very convenient for travel purposes. Ita��s an easily portable device which you can even forget that you are having it in your backpack. This saves your space as well as does not make you look like some tech freak.

2.A� Hover camera flies with the help of four propellers and motors which can be seen encased within carbon fiber casing making this drone light and durable. It has been designed in such a manner that it self cools its essential components. All you need to do is unfold its wings, turn it on and watch it hover over you.

3. The secret behind its precisely designed detectors is its possession of sonar as well as optical sensors. It works on Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor which is the reason behind its artificial intelligence allowing it to detect and track bodies and faces combined with advanced proprietary computer vision.

4. Zero Zero robotics hover drone camera comprises of a 13MP camera attached to a tiny gimbal, which accounts for stabilization and the power to tilt up and down. It also features electronic stabilization which lets you take videos of up to 4k resolution.

5. You can control its flight, movement with the help of its iOS or Android app which also gibes you the control to shoot panorama videos along with 90 and 60 degree orbits too. You can immediately transfer the media from your drone into your Smartphone for sharing and stuff. One more thing you need to know is that this drone is capable of flying as high as 164 feet or 50 meters at its best.

Zero Zero robotics is all set to sell this drone camera this holiday season at the price of somewhat around $600 (approximately AU$775 or A?415). If you are excited to try it now, you can go to the website of this Beijing based start up company and sign up to be a beta tester.