5 best earphones to use with iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5


Iphone 5s, Samsung Galaxy note 3 and Galaxy s5 are among the top most wanted smartphones of 2014. iphone 5s is the best of Apple Inc, Samsung galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 are the best of Samsung. So, you obviously need the best earphones for the best Smartphones if you want to listen quality music from your smartphone. When the best reacts with best it generates perfection so you have got a chance to generate it.

Here is the list of earphones which are highly compatible iphone 5s, samsung galaxy note 3 and galaxy s5:

5. Musical Fidelity EB-33

Musical Fidelity EB-33

Musical Fidelity is a very historical earphone brand creating the best earphones at low prices .This version of Musical Fidelity is intended to create a natural soothing sound. It is very durable and light weight. It has got 9 interchangeable earpieces to fit in your ears perfectly and give you the best musical pleasure.It is currently available at a price range of 99 USD.



This is the most productive earphone you will ever see in your life. Besides producing good quality of music, it keeps track on your complete fitness. It has got heart rate monitor to track your heartbeat, check metabolic rat, maximum oxygen consumption can be instantly confirmed and keep you away from dangers always.Ita��s price range isna��t yet available.

3.Beats by Dr Dre Tour V2

Beats by Dr Dre Tour V2

Its best suitable for sports because it is sweat resistant and has got tangle free cable so that it wona��t mess up together. As usual Beats by Dr Dre are known for hard bass and top quality music and this edition also scatters the same quality. It has a microphone for calling facility and an inline remote control with basic buttons to control volume and other things. Its available at a price range of 150 USD.

2.Sennheiser CX 300 II

Sennheiser CX 300 II

Its an excellent sound quality earphone at a very inexpensive price. Sennheiser has always developed toward betterment of sound clarity nad this is their most latest product to offer you. It has got 3 pair of earpieces to comfortably fit in your ears. It has got dynamic speakers to produce good amount of bass.It usually comes at a price of 74 USD only. Ita��s the best option available.

Bose Quiet Comfort 20i

It has been declared the best noise cancellation earphone ever seen in market.It also features rich bass and crisp highs. It fits very comfortably in your ears. Below Ita��s wire is a rectanglular bar through which all the systems arise, ita��s quite bigger in size than expected. It is the best ever but it may run out of pockets for a commom guy because of its high price range of 299.9 USD.