WordWeb Dictionary app for Android and iPhone review and download


WordWeb is most popular dictionary for Android phones available on Play Store. WordWeb is a free offline English dictionary which is very rich in word, phrases and derived forms. Most of the dictionaries available in the Play Store require data connectivity to search for synonyms or phrases, these types of dictionaries will not be able to perform in conditions where there is no data connectivity. WordWeb is offline so you can just refer to it anytime and this is the main feature of this dictionary. Along with the synonyms for words you will have audio pronunciations with the separate Audio Edition app.

Dictionary - WordWeb

WordWeb is stuffed with rich word, phrases, word sense and examples. WordWeb provides you with more than 2,85,000 words, derived forms and phrases, 85,000 text pronunciations, 2,25,000 word sense definitions making this dictionary a rich source of data. WordWeb also has 70,000 examples for better understanding of the word. It details you all the synonyms, similar and related words of the word searched by in the dictionary, which makes proper differentiation between the similar and related words. Language supported is North American, Australian, British and international English, so you do not have to worry about any word used in different accent, you will be provided with details of that word, origin of the word and in which language that word is used.

Some smart features are also associated with WordWeb like, if you commit any mistake in typing the word a familiar word will appear and your typing error will be solved. Some words are very confusing, it hasA� pronunciations are listed so you can differentiate between the words and have a better understanding of the word. You can mark the word in bookmark and history to refer that word easily and fast. WordWeb has good search features which include spelling suggestions, filter search results by noun, adjective, verb and adverbs. Spelling corrections and suggestions and fast pattern matching search with the help of vowel and consonant are also provided.

Database of the WordWeb is packed with common abbreviations,A� abbreviations will not be an issue any more if you have WordWeb.A� WordWeb is complete dictionary which will serve you with perfect assistance any time. You can download it from Play Store and is free of cost to download.

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