Windows phone 8.1 wifi connecting issue


The recent upgrade to Windows Phone operating system that is Windows phone 8.1 is facing some issues. The recent issue that has been reported is wifi connecting issue.
Those who have upgraded to the new version are not able to find the wifi sign on their smart phone screen and those who are able to find wifi sign are not able to connect as it is getting hanged. Here is all that you want to know about this issue and what is the exact solution to this problem.

Windows Phone 8.1 emulator demo

The exact error message

Whenever people are trying to connect to the wifi on their Windows phone 8.1 the exact error message that is coming is a�?this connection has limited or no connectivitya�� and in few cases the error message that is coming is a�?No internet accessa��. There are few who are also getting this error message a�?The connection is limiteda��.

This issue of wifi not getting connected can be easily solved as all you need is patience and focus. Here are some important steps that can be followed to solved the issue.

What are the possible solutions?

The first and the foremost solution that can be tried is by resetting the TCP/IP stack. After performing this step you need to restart your smart phone. There are chances that the problem will be solved.

If the first solution does not work then you can opt for the second one. You need to disable the Wi-Fi adapter and then again re-connect.

You can also try to enable the metered connection downloads and then try to re-connect the Wi-Fi connection.

There are many times when by resetting the TCP/IP auto tuning also solves the problem.

Try some more tried and tested solutions

Apart from all of the above mentioned solutions there are few more tried and tested solutions that can be tried. You can also try to use the netsh.exe. The TCP/IP stack can be easily reset to its default configuration with the help of netsh.exe.

You can also try to delete every other VPN connection. You only need to keep the required VPN connection with you and simply discard the remaining ones.

There are few people who have also got this issue sorted out by turning ON/OFF the airplane mode. If nothing works then hard resetting can be tried. But you need to make sure that all the data is saved somewhere.

You can easily search on the internet about how to hard reset your Windows 8.1 based smart phone. If you are not able to hard reset your smart phone then you can contact the nearest mobile dealer or Nokia authorized center so that they can help you in hard resetting your smart phone.