Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview Lags in Nokia 520


The recent Windows Phone 8.1 is the advanced mobile operating system launched by Microsoft Corporation and is code named as a�?Bluea��. Last month saw this new mobile operating system being launched at Microsofta��s 2014 build conference. As per news it is believed that the new Nokia Lumia 930 is going to be launched very soon. Here is the complete and detailed description about Windows Phone 8.1 mobile operating system.

Amazing update from Microsoft

Windows Phone 8.1 emulator demo

The best part about this latest window mobile operating update from Microsoft is that it comes with highly advanced and user friendly features. There are many technical experts who are terming it as 8.5 or Windows 9 update. For them terming it as 8.1 update is like doing injustice to it. These technical experts have been wating for quite long time for having this new update and it seems that their patience have paid off pretty well. Another reason why it has been termed as 8.1 is because Microsoft is trying to align it with Windows 8.1 for desktop.

The first update is its colorful background on the start screen and it seems that Microsoft has answered to the request placed by many people regarding this new customization. The ability to set wallpapers from different sources is seen as welcome step and will help those people who love to change their smart phonea��s wallpaper every day.

Auto-Hide feature has been removed

Another most interesting change that has been introduced is the removal of auto hide features. It means that the data connection, Wi-Fi, Signal Strength, battery and location will remain on the screen and will not go into auto-hide mode.

Smaller fonts and redesigning of the new peoplea��s hub has also been introduced which looks amazingly fresh and beautiful. Another new feature is the availability of speed dial. The time on the lock screen is now available with larger font and it moves down automatically on the screen if any sort of notifications come.

Earlier an annoying sound use to come when the charging got complete but now it has been replaced by a shorter and less annoying sound. It is a welcome relief for all those who felt disturbed by that annoying sound.

You can easily differentiate between old and freshly installed apps

Now whenever you are going to install a fresh app it will automatically say a�?newa�� and you will be easily able to differentiate between the old and freshly installed apps.

Moreover the games that you are going to install will reflect under the app list as well as the Games hub. The smart-glass linking with Games hub has been removed and new friends and messages icons has been added. All these new features are making Windows 8.1 mobile operating system more users friendly and highly flexible.

In short we can say that this time Microsoft is trying to completely revamp its approach by introducing leaner fonts and excellent customized views. Perhaps it is trying to learn its lessons from iOS and Androida��s success.