Wifi problems with nexus 5 and how to fix them


Nexus 5 is one of the latest smart phones launched by Google Company. It is a very nice phone and has got all the latest features that a smart phone should have. But the only problem that is being faced sometimes is the Wi-Fi connectivity issue.

Though the smart phone is perfect in every sense but sometimes while connecting with Wi-Fi an error comes up and users are not able to connect to the internet. Here are some important steps that can be followed for solving Wi-Fi problems with nexus 5.

Seek help with airplane mode

This is one of the most basic and easiest steps to perform. All you need to do is to go to the airplane mode and then switch it off. After 10 seconds turn it back on and you will see that the Wi-Fi will automatically gets connected.

Explore some internet settings

If the above mentioned step doesn’t work then you need to go to the settings and tap on the wireless and networks option. After that tap on the Wi-Fi option and select the network name. The smart phone will automatically search for the network which is available and you will be able to connect to the internet.

LG Google Nexus 5
You may also need to check the Wi-Fi router

There are many times there is some problem with the Wi-Fi router and for that you need to check with the user manual provided with the router. You can read the manual instructions carefully and check if something is missing.

If you can check the firm-ware settings then it is also good. Sometimes it is little difficult to check these settings and you can contact any of your nearest router dealer and get the settings corrected. You will see that after the firm-ware settings get corrected there won’t be any issue with the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Sometimes resetting the router can solve many problems

There are many problems that can be solved just by resetting the router. In order to reset the router all you need to do is to switch off the power supply to the router and then switch it back on after 10 to 15 seconds. You will see your smart phone catching Wi-Fi signal after that.

Sometimes the audio frequency settings also interfere with Wi-Fi settings and hence always select the 2.4 GHz only in the Advanced/ Wi-Fi Frequency band option.

Do not select the avoid poor connections options

Sometimes avoid poor connections option gets checked as a result the weak Wi-Fi connection does not get connected. You need to make sure that this option is unchecked and your smart phone receives weak signals. There are many weak signal areas and as a result these weak signal areas are connected with your phone and you are able to connect to the internet.

All of these above mentioned steps are tried and tested. These steps have proved to be extremely beneficial if Nexus 5 encounters any sort of Wi-Fi connectivity problem.