What is the easiest way to create Android theme ?


A good theme gives character to your phone.No matter what the price, a good theme always makes a difference and make a phone stand outs. There are thousands of android themes are created by developers every day. It is very simple to create themes in android nowadays and people are making best use of it. With new tools available you can easily create android themes and run it too on your Android device. Creating an Android Theme is fun and creative, one can unleash their own creative side and have an perspective on what the world thinks about it. Its easy takes a few clicks and viola your themes are ready to be seen by the world.

Earlier only developers used to create android themes but now it is possible for everyone to create android theme of its own choice. There are many ways through which you can create theme.Leta��s have a look at some of the requirements which are necessary for creating android themes.

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Create android themes using De-compiling tools

One of the easiest ways for creating themes is using De-compiling tools. There are several De-compiling tools available which can be used by user like apk tool. It is impossible to create theme without selecting DE-compiling tool. So first select the DE-compiling tool out of various options that are available.

Select the image editor for adding images

For creating a theme it is important to add and edit images as without images you cannot create an android theme. For this purpose help of image editor can be taken. Image editor like Adobe Photoshop or Photoscape can be used to add or edit images. These editors are easily available on the internet and can be downloaded easily.

Select the reading tool

In order to compile the code it is necessary that you have a reading tool. Reading tool is responsible for compiling and running code. Notepad ++ is the best reading tool to read the code and make changes in it.

Once you have got all of the above mentioned tools, next step is to follow these steps in creating themes.

Download De-compiling tool and extract all files in the root directory. You can also add the directory where De-compiling tools files are in to the Path.

After all files have extracted then go to the directory files using a�?cmda�� command. This command will navigate you to the folder where all the extracted files are available.

You will now reach to the folder containing all the files and images in human readable format. Files may be of various formats like image files, xml files, small files etc.

Now you have access to all the files and you can build the theme by applying a certain code. These all functions are compiled and run in reading tool only.

This is one of the easiest ways to create an android theme. There are many other ways through which android themes can be made but are little bit complicated. So, use this way for creating theme of your own choice and without any major complication.