Want to Hide your Photos on Android phone: Easy How to


Android phones are very unique and powerful phones filled with unique and amazing features. One of the amazing feature that we are going to look at is the feature that allows you to hide your private files, photos and documents. If you have had unfavourable encounters with annoying snoopers then it’s a high time this has come to an end. There are some of your photos that are so intimate and private so there is a high need for you to hide them so as to save yourself from embarrassment. In our tutorial today we are going to give you the simple ways you can hide your private photos. Here are the top ways you can hide your private photos.

Android marshmallow

how to hide your photos on Android phones

Password Protect Your Photos.
Using password protection is one of the common ways you can protect your photos .All you have to is to download the vault app in the Google store and install it .After the installation process is done run the app where you will be required to set your Pin. After this open the location of your files in the phone and tap on the ones that you need to hide. Any snooper trying to access the protected files will be prompted to provide a password and this will keep him/her off.

Using the Folder to hide your Photos.
This is one of the simple ways to hide your photos with no app required. All you have to do is open the file manager and create a new folder. Rename the folder as .nomedia then press OK and save it. This will hide all your files including the photos in any of your phone interface. Your files can only be accessible when you delete the folder. Though this is not the better option to hide your files because any tech geek can still access your photos by deleting the nomedia folder in the file manager section.

Creating a Hidden Folder.
This is another perfect way of hiding your photos all you need to use is a file explorer. Open the file explore and create a new folder which you will name it hidden folder. In here you will transfer your private photos. After you have done this your photos will be automatically hidden and the android system will not be able to read them.

Use of Gallery Lock Lite App.
This is an amazing app that provides maximum protection to your private photos. All you have to do is to download this app in the goggle store for only $ 4.99. After which you will install it and transfer your photos in the app. This app uses password protection as its main feature of protection. It will also capture the image of the snooper who attempts to enter the password 3 times with vain.

When you put the above methods into use your photos will be totally safe and you don’t need to get worried when someone comes close to your photos .They are simple and easy to use.