How to use Sony PC Companion or Suite – step by step guide


Mobile phones are gradually accepting added and added accepted around the world, and Sony Ericsson is one of the manufacturers that appealed to a lot of youngsters commonly this day because of its excellent features.

If you are using an expensive phone, with most modern feature Sony phone, you are certainly missing out on some of important updates and features if you don’t have a Sony PC companion installed.Try it out. You would not regret. In fact, you would love how your phone is always updated with the most recent new updates for your cell phone using only Sony PC Companion.

Sony PC Companion

Sony Ericsson PC Companion is the official Sony Ericsson cell phone management software for your PC.

Sony PC companion is Sonya��s desktop software very useful to transfer music, videos, contacts, and photos, update software, and sync wirelessly from your Sony cell phone.

Sony Ericsson PC Companion is the software that acts as an aperture to Sony Ericsson and a better appearance and application, such as buzz software updates, online user account connections, and the Sony Ericsson user guides. Users can accept links to download and add added applications as they become available.

When connected, Sony PC companion automatically notifies you of new software version if available for your phone. Thus, helps you to update your mobile with better and improved with latest version.

How to use Sony Ericsson PC Companion:

To be able to attach the cellphone to the computer to manage your data, you need to first download and install the PC Companion which is the authorized software for Sony cellphones. The PC Companion application permits you to organize or manage, edit the contents of your cell phone such as music, videos, articles, images etc. in addition also keeps updated with the latest.

The PC companion is available on the official site of the Sony cell phones. There would be another duplicate third party sites but I prefer you to go to the official website, scroll down to the right and download the Sony PC companion application.

  1. Attach the USB cable to your computer port and then to the Sony cell phone.
  2. On the phone: You need to mount. So, drag down the status bar on your cell screen, click on the first USB Connected than to mount.
  3. Wait for the delay it takes for the cell phone to connect and mechanically start PC Companion on your PC and enjoy the software.Its free and user friendly.

Features of Sony PC Companion:

  • Different models of Sony can be efficiently connected to manage your cell data.
  • One can easily SynchronizeA� contents between the PC and the cell phone like e.g. calendara��s, organizer, all multimedia files
  • Update the your cell phone with latest version software available
  • Supports in allA� 3 types of connections between the PC and the telephone that areA� USB, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth


  • Require Intel Pentium 4 or higher version, 3.6 GHz or equivalent AMD processor
  • Minimum of 500 MB free hard disk space
  • A computer that has 2 GB RAM installed
  • 1 available USB 2.0 port or higher version and USB cable.


If you are installing Sony PC Companion on a PC having Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, then you need to make sure that the AutoPlay setting is enabled.

If not, you need to enable it. In order to enable the AutoPlay setting on your computer, follow the below steps.

  • Go to menu Start then click on Control panel. Go to search box and type auto play, and then click on AutoPlay.

Mark the Use AutoPlay for all media and devices in the checkbox. Ita��s enabled.