How to use people hub on Windows Phone 8


People hub might look like a mere digital list of contacts to common man but ita��s actually a whole new experience of staying in touch with the people you want to. You can call, text, chat or email your desired contact from just one place provided to you by people hub. Besides communication, you can keep track of your friends and family latest updates via social networks like Facebook, twitter, etc right from your own personalized people hub. Not only one on one chatting, you can also create rooms and groups of your friend circle, family or whatever you like to chat in aggregation. All these features become much better with the attractive, user friendly and robust running of this application. If you are a newbie to it, you should definitely go through our step by step guide to learn using people hub.

Windows Phone 8

1. How to add contacts?

After opening people hub, you will come through a plus shaped sign at the bottom of this application. While you click on this sign, a list of field will appear where you have to add the required information about the contact you are adding. The level of information you want to add depends up on you but you can add a vast number of things about a particular contact. After filling out the desired field, simply click the save button and your contact is created.

2. What to do if your contacts are present in your SIM card?

On the main screen of people hub, you will notice three dots in this fashion (a��). Simply click on them and follow the procedure as given here: (a��) > Settings > Import SIM contacts and you will land into a list of your SIM contacts and you simply have to tick mark the contacts you want to import. You are done.

3. How to set up social network and email in people hub?

Ita��s as easy as eating a piece of cake. Just in the settings option, you will find add an account feature below which there will be list of supported social networks. Just click the one you want to add and enter its username and password, rest of the things will be done automatically. The people on your people hub which are also present in your social network will transform into a new design with their display picture imported from the social network.

4. How to manipulate display contacts according to your will?

There will most probably be times when you didna��t want all your contacts to be showed up. You can easily done this on people hub via following path: Settings > Filter my contact list > and the check box thing will appear which you already know how to use.

5. Here the chatting begins.

As you are fully aware and trained with people hub, you can interact with your contacts at ease. You just need to tap on the contact and a list of interaction modes depending upon what services your contact is using. E.g. twitter, etc.

6. Stay update with your social world.

To check what your friends are updating on various social networks, you just need to click on whata��s new option present in your people hub. You will be known to updates from your frienda��s right from that place.

You are all done! Start experience and exploring a whole new way of interacting with your people of interest. You can also add a dynamic live tile on your screen for easy navigation.