How to use LG PC Suite a�� step by step guide


LG PC suite is the official application or a program, including the ability to transfer any kind of files from one computer to any but only an LG mobile phone. LG PC suite is developed by LG ELECTRONICS.

If you are interested to do something or anything specific or special with your LG cell phone functions, then this is the best tool to use. LG PC Suite is a must have desktop application or programA� for eachA� LG phone users, which are interested in proper and complete easy to easily management ofA� their LG cell phone devices

There are many third party software developers who have developed applications to manage various Android phones, but its better and efficient to see phone manufacturers building program specifically for their own brand phones like LG PC suite developed by LG Company itself. LG PC Suite is the easiest software to manage each and every data on your LG cell phone by offering USB and Bluetooth connectivity. Thus, Bluetooth gives you the flexibility to provide you access wireless, but USB will be faster for any data transfer and management.

LG PC Suite

LG has recently released the latest PC Suite version with many new updates and additional features along with the existing features of the previous version for the companya��s mobile phones to give its users the possibility for complete and better management of their cell phones and also for wireless access LG has provided with various LG wireless devices that are compatible with the software. Thus making LG PC SUITE one of the best tool for application regarding data synchronization, practicality and usefulness. It also has an interface which is very attractive, easy to operate by any user and modern looking

First have to download and run it LG installer.exe on your computer system.

Upon the installation of an LG PC suite for first time use, the setup wizard helps you to connect your cell phone to your computer.Each step I explained appropriately. The program will run automatically after the installation and enables you to connect your mobile phone to your PC. The synchronization of your cell phone to computer can be done via USB cable or Bluetooth as per the user requirement.

The following shows you various steps to use LG PC suite:

Step 1: Open your applicationA� (on any browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) and navigate to the official LG website, sort your phone model range within the search box and press Enter or click the model range within the Model Name drop-down list. The internet page updates and displays links to transfer PC Sync for your phone.

Step 2: Click the PC Sync link and transfer the LG computer Suite setup file to your PC. The LG PC Suite application transfer is over 100MB. Therefore, depending upon the speed of your internet, the transfer could take some several minutes or near an hour. Shut your application or minimize it to the Windows taskbar once downloading and save the LG computer Suite setup file.

Step 3: Next is to click begin, then Computer to open Windows. Browse to the folder wherever you saved the LG computer Suite setup file. Just Double click the file to launch the setup window, and then choose the language you desire. Follow the remaining instructions to install LG computer Suite on your PC. Within the final window, click the Run LG computer Suite now, and then just click on the finish. The LG computer Suite program is installed and it would open in a very new application window.

Step 4: Connect the USB cable to your LG phone and an empty USB port on the PC. Wait for a number of seconds for Windows to read your phone and install the suitable driver from the information put in by the LG computer Suite program. After a number of seconds, the association monitor window within the LG computer Suite program updates and changes from “No Connected Phone Found” to the LG PC Suite followed by the model range of your LG phone.

Step 5: Click the Synchronize button within the LG computer Suite program window, then wait for a number of seconds for the applying to retrieve contacts, calendar and note information from the phone and import it. The LG computer Suite application displays a confirmation window once commerce information from the phone with success. Click the OK button shut the confirmation window.

Step 6: Click on the Manage Contacts icon within the LG computer Suite a software to look at the contacts, calendar data and memos foreign for your LG mobile phone and use rest of the features.

LG PC Suite features:

  1. Transferring files to and from an LG mobile, LG PC Suite provides sync options. In fact, you can transfer all kinds of files like audio files, video files, documents, etc. For music files, you should directly use LG Music to transfer and manage any of your audio files.
  2. A�You can even play your media contents like any audio files, video files on your PC and even view pictures.
  3. Transfer of multimedia contents on your LG device.
  4. You can easily manage and edit your phone contacts. And even create, modify, send asA�A� well as receive the messages directly on your computer.
  5. Different types of File can be managed as well as transferred easily using LG PC suite
  6. You can Synchronizes data like, your important schedules, contacts, bookmarks in your device as well as PC.
  7. The LG PC suite helps you if want to update your current version software on your cell phone.
  8. Easy Backup and restore the device.

System requirements:

  • Supports following Operating system:
  • A�Windows XP (SP3) 32bit -64bit
  • Windows Vista 32bit-64bit
  • Windows 7 32bit-64bit.
  • Required minimum of free disk space: 44 MB

NOTE: On Windows 2000 (sp4), you can run the LG PC suite, but some of the drivers may not work properly


1. The LG PC Suite is user friendly, powerful and practical software.

2. You canA� download it for free.

3. Wired as well as wireless access .i.e. USB and Bluetooth sync

4.A� Truly a Great multimedia manager


1. Only would work with LG Android phones.

Download LG PC Suite