How to Update Sony Xperia Z tablet to Official Android 4.3


For all the tablet lovers out there, especially for the Sony Xperia Z Tablet lovers, there is really amazing news for you all. Finally after a long wait, Android 4.3 JellyBean has been made available for tablets. And the best of all is that Sony finally has finished developing their custom UI over the official Android 4.3 and now is rolling it out slowly with OTA updates. But we are all very impatient people here who dona��t want to wait but want it all immediately. So that is why we have brought to you a method for installing the official Android 4.3 JellyBean on your Sony Xperia Z Tablet but manually.

First of all we need to give credit to the ones who have worked hard on compiling the setups and Android Packages for the install. If it was not for them, we would have had needed to wait a long time to get the updates in the Tablets. So now that we have the stuff available, we can finally get with it and complete the updating process.

The procedure is actually very simple and does not take much time as well. The only requirement here is that you get the install setup software and the Android version. But for that you do not to run helter-skelter everywhere. We have provided all the softwares to you right here in the links below from where you can acquire the softwares and Android version to install in your Sony Xperia Z Tablet.

Xperia Tablet Z


There are two main softwares that you require for this updation process, one is the flashtool which is technically a wizard that guides you through the process and does the job for you. The second one is the Android zip file containing the actual Android 4.3 OS. The links for both are given below.


Official Android 4.3 JellyBean for Sony Xperia Z Tablet:

(In the link, select the first option i.e. a�?SGP321_10.4.B.0.569_CE.rara�?. also on the link they might even ask you to register before being able to download. So you might have to do that and it does not take more than 2 minutes. So that should not be an issue.)


After you have downloaded both the files then comes some really simple small steps for installing the official Android 4.3 in your tablet.

  1. Sony has actually started sending out the official updates OTA, so if you are one of the lucky ones who have received this update, just you can check it in the firmware version in the settings menu. Then in that case you need not want to go through this manual update process.
  2. Acquire the flashtool from the link given above which you must have already done it by now.
  3. Acquire the Android 4.3 JellyBean also from the link provided above which also you must have downloaded by now.
  4. After both the files have been downloaded, then in the directory of the flashtool, search for a folder which will be named a�?Firmwarea�?. In that folder cope paste the Android 4.3 File that you have downloaded.
  5. Now open the flashtool software (you need to run it like any other software).
  6. In there just follow the steps and keep clicking a�?nexta�? to whatever it prompts and at the section where it asks for the firmware, select the downloaded file and you are set.
  7. One small warning here, it is always better to get your complete data backed up just in case. Though there is an option here to keep all your data in the tablet. All you need to do is, while the OS is being flashed, just uncheck the a�?�? file and all your data will not be deleted. But the issue is that it causes some complications later like file clashes and stuff, so it is always recommended that you back up the data, flash the whole thing and then restore your data back in the tablet. This way there will be way less chances of issues coming up.
  8. After that turn off your tablet and when the flashtool shows a window to connect your tablet, connect your tablet to the PC via a USB cable and make sure to boot your tablet in download mode by pressing the power and volume down button.
  9. After that let the flashtool do the rest and within some time you will be done.

Congratulations, your Sony Xperia Z Tablet is finally running official Android 4.3 JellyBean with the custom Sony UI and also the new apps and features in it. So do not forget to comment down below what you feel about the new official Android 4.3 JellyBean and how is your experience with it.