Unable to connect wifi in Samsung Galaxy S4 – WIFI ISSUE


Though Samsung Galaxy S4 is a very nice phone but sometimes it faces some issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. It really feels sad when you are not able to connect to your Wi-Fi router. Apart from Wi-Fi issues there is one more problem that is commonly faced by many people and that is about slow internet speed. All these problems can be easily fixed if we follow few easy steps. Here are some of those steps that can be followed if you are unable to connect Wi-Fi in Samsung Galaxy S4.

Keep Wi-Fi on during Sleep feature should be available

The first and the foremost step are to ensure that the feature a�?keep Wi-Fi on during Sleepa�? is available. Sometimes this feature gets deactivated and you need to turn on this feature by visiting the Advanced Wi-Fi section of your Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone.

Apart from checking this feature you may also need to reset the router. There are many times when the router moves into the deal circle and you can bring it back to life by resetting the router. In order to know more about how to reset the router you can consult the user manual that was made available with the Router.

Samsung Galaxy S4

You need to check overloading of the Wi-Fi Connection

There are many times more than one device is connected to the Wi-Fi router. This results into overloading and the connection gets break. Hence try to connect minimum devices with the Wi-Fi connection so that the overloading can be avoided and you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.

You also need to keep your Wi-Fi router password protected because unmanned routers can be used by somebody else and this also leads to overloading. You will definitely not like your neighbor connecting to your Wi-Fi router.

Authentication type can be changed

You can easily change the Authentication type and for that you need to check the user manual for instructions. Always make sure that the code that has been punched must be saved somewhere so that you wona��t face difficulty if you change it again in the future.

Apart from changing the authentication type you can also change the router firmware. It is required to be changed if in case youa��re smart phone is not compatible with the router. The upgrade procedure is quite easy and you can change it by connecting to with internet.

Check for appropriate ROM options

There are many times when there is a less ROM in the smart phone and for that you can easily upgrade the ROM. You can contact any of your nearest smart phone dealer and tell him to flash an appropriate ROM in the phone.

Hence by following all of the above mentioned steps you can definitely solve your Wi-Fi connectivity problem and ensure a consistent connectivity. All of these are simple solution but can prove to be really quite effective in solving this problem and can help you in living a peaceful life.