True caller not working on Nokia Lumia 630


Nokia Lumia 630 is a mid rage Windows 8.1 running Smartphone which was released recently in May 2014. This Smartphone has got a durable compact style and attractive features at affordable price mostly suiting Indian market. Currently it is available at price range of Rs 9000. It has so far proved to be fruitful for Nokia with such price has undergone good sales. Ita��s the most recommended budget windows phone showed off by majority of retailers. It houses a 4.5inch LCD display enhanced by Nokia clear Black technology and this display is provided with protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Truecaller Android App

A good amount of internal storage i.e. 8GB is present which is also expandable up to 128GB via SD card. A 5MP front camera is present with auto focus however ita��s devoid of LED flash and front shooter. It operates on a Quad core Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.2 GHz of speed which is pretty enough for Nokia Smartphone to boast up ita��s performance. This processor is coupled with a 512MB RAM which is fitted according to the suited price and processor configuration. And RAM hardly matters when it comes to performance by Nokia Smartphonea��s. Over all look of this Smartphone says it is the best buy windows Smartphone at this price and has gone for high sales but suddenly people while exploring this Smartphone came to know that it is having issues related to running True caller.

True caller is currently the worlda��s largest online phone directory and no one can imagine their 9k Smartphone coming without True caller. Ita��s everybodya��s need and this was the most disappointing feature of this Smartphone. Microsoft also need to know that their present True caller application is too old featured devoid of auto searching caller ID and most of the essential features. Even this poorly developed True caller hasna��t made available for Lumia 630 yet due to some unknown reasons. If we think the reason is 512MB RAM but we will be wrong. For Windows Smartphone, True caller merely works as a caller ID finder and we manually have to do everything which means it wona��t cause more RAM eat up since it has nothing much to do on back ground. The issue is no critical and Microsoft needs to develop better True caller application for all windows Smartphonea��s and has to make it available for Lumia 630 also. They will have to understand the current need in this biosphere of technology just like Google recognised the need and developed True caller even for their wearable. In short, Nokia has to take this step as soon as possible to ensure smooth running of True caller on Lumia 630.