True caller does not well work on Smartphone that has less than 512mb ram


True caller is an online global phone directory which gives you information about the contacts from any origin. It is available on almost all major Smartphone operating systems like Android, iOs, Windows, S60, S40, etc. Moreover it is available in more than 35 languages worldwide which include English, Arabic, German, Tamil, French, etc. Whenever you are about to receive a call, true caller comes up automatically with information related to that phone number.

Truecaller Android App

It grasps your numbers at the time of launching this application. Every second thousands of new members get added up to this ever growing telephone directory. Currently True caller has reached to 10 million users enjoying the awesome services provided by them. Besides its basic functions, it also has integration with major social networks to keep your phone book always updated. It automatically syncs your social networking contacts into your Smartphone’s phone book.

Another important feature of this application is unwanted call blocking. That means you can block calls from the people whom you don’t want to talk. True caller on one side is keeping us updated to the people around us but if we took this feature through the different aspect, it is barely exposing over privacy to the world. The people who don’t want to get tracked are ultimately being dragged in this community because of their friends sharing their number on true caller.

Now talking about 512 MB RAM Smartphone’s, its right that true caller shows lags while operating on low RAM and it’s features are disrupted. This is because the true caller directory is expanding at an alarming rate and each time you get a call, the caller ID of caller is to be searched among such a vast expanding audience which takes much more processing and leads to rapid RAM eat up.

This problem is common to every low end Smartphone user and can only be expected to eradicate it by providing it sufficient RAM which can be done by constantly closing unwanted applications or launching some good task killer which will always keep sufficient amount of RAM available for True caller. The developers of this application are also fed up with this problem and are trying hard to completely eradicate it by releasing different stable versions of True caller but so far none of them has caused extinction of this problem. More testing and debugging is going on, so let’s hope that upcoming versions will be stable for 512MB RAM Smartphone’s also.