How to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S4 to Apple iPhone 5S


If youa��ve bought a brand new iPhone 5C or 5S and curious to transfer the necessary contacts, data? Then don’t worry, herea��s the solution:

Ita��s not that troublesome to transfer, you simply got to understand what to duplicate and wherever to seek out it. Read on and follow the steps to get that information off your android device and get it transferred in no time to your brand new iPhone.

There are 3 basic ways in which to transfer your information from one device to a different you’ll be able to use cloud services to store your files in a location that’s accessible to any or all your devices otherwise you can pull your information off your previous phone and using paid softwarea��s like (CopyTrans Contacts, MobileTrans) or by using the manual technique, both ways work well, therefore it comes all the way down to personal preference. If you’ve got a cloud service like (Dropbox, mediafire, etc.) account, a gmail address and a Twitter account, then you ought to use the cloud to transfer your information. If you dona��t have any cloud accounts, then opt for the software package or manual technique technique and use your computer because the passage between your phones.

Samsung Galaxy S4 to iPhone 5S contacts transfer

Method 1: Using softwarea��s (CopyTrans Contacts, MobileTrans):

This is the foremost easiest and least time consuming technique where you simply need to install the above given softwarea��s and follow steps and in no time the contacts and other necessary stuff are transferred. The app comes with a free version and a paid version, for better performance paid works well, and used to transfer contacts from all potential platforms (Android, Symbian, ios, etc.)

Step 1: Install and Launch the Program on PC

Install Phone Transfer on your PC. After installing the Phone to Phone Transfer software package on your PC, launch it, you’ll return to the primary window.

Step 2: Connect your HTC one and iPhone 5s to PC

Next, connect both your phones to the PC via USB cables at the same time. Then you’ll see the 2 phones are going to be detected as places of “Source” and “Destination”.

Step 3: Transfer contacts from HTC one and iPhone 5s

As you’ll see, besides Contacts, this Phone Transfer software package can even transfer other information like Text Messages, Photos, Music, Videos between HTC and iPhone.

Method 2: Use Cloud services:

One of the tough and really tedious processes is by using a Google account hooked up to your Android phone, simply set up the same account on the iPhone 5s using the Exchange mail option and it ought to pull through all of your contacts.

Your contacts, calendar and emails are held on in your online Google account (Google drive-cloud service) and are accessible on your iOS device. All you have got to try and do is link your iPhone to your Google account, CardDav (CardDAV is an online standard thata��s used to synchronize the Google Contacts along with your Apple iOS devices as well as iPhone, iPad, and iPod bit and iCal. ) For the contacts. Youa��ll be able to additionally pull down contact data from Twitter and Facebook once you set up those accounts on your phone also its possible using software system found on iTunes for the same.

Method 3: This one among the best and most cost-effective technique however is more time consuming than others in this you need a computer and USB synchronize cable then simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to your contacts on the HTC ONE, select import/export > export to storage and save them to ‘Phone’

Step 2: Place your HTC ONE phone into disc-drive mode and connect it to your PC

Step 3: Copy the .vcf file from your HTC (which can appear on your PC as AN external hard drive)

Step 4: Set-up your mail account on the iPhone 5s

Step 5: Send that mail account an email with the .vcf file as an attachment

Step 6: Open the mail, click on the attachment and tap ‘Add all contacts’