How to transfer contacts from HTC One to Apple iPhone 5S


The HTC One and iPhone 5s work on two different operating systems, when you decided to use both the two phones, one of the first important tasks you’ll have to do is transfer private information like your contacts from one device to the other.

If you are one of them, you have come to the exact place where your questions would be answered with most easiest solution, this article introduce the easiest, fastest way to transfer your contacts from  HTC ONE to iPhone 5S.

HTC One to iPhone 5S contacts transfer

Following here is 3 fastest and easiest ways:

Method 1:

Step 1:  You need to Go to your contacts on the HTC ONE, choose import/export to storage and save them to ‘Phone’

Step 2:  Now, Put your HTC ONE phone into disc-drive mode and connect it to your computer

Step 3: You need to copy the .vcf file from your HTC (which will appear on your computer as an external hard drive)

Step 4: Set up your mail account on the iPhone 5s

Step 5: Send that mail account an email with the .vcf file as an attachment

Step 6: Open the mail, click on the attachment and tap ‘Add all contacts’

Method 2:

If you have a Gmail account on the HTC One, and your contacts are stored there you could just set up the same account on the iPhone 5s using the Exchange mail option and it should pull through all your contacts.

Method 3: (Using a simple software)

You just need a Phone to Phone Transfer software – MobileTrans .

This software would help, to transfer your contacts from or between the HTC one and iPhone 5s in a matter of minutes.

Step 1:  All you need is to first install and then Launch the Program on your computer

Install Phone Transfer on your computer. After installing the Phone to Phone Transfer software on your computer, launch it, you will come to the primary window.

Step 2:  Connect your HTC one and iPhone 5s to computer

Next, step is to connect both your cell-phones to the computer via USB cables at same time. Then you can see the two phones will be detected as places of “Source and “Destination“.

Then as you see, your HTC One is displaced in the left of the primary window, while your iPhone 5s in the right. If it’s not in this mentioned position, tap the “Flip” button in the middle of the two phones to change the place of phones.

At the bottom of right side, there lies a tab “Clear data before copy”.  By ticking off it, you can clear all current contacts on your iPhone 5s. If you don’t want, let it alone.

Step 3: Transfer contacts from HTC one and iPhone 5s

As you can clearly see, other than contacts, this software is also capable of to transfer other data like photos, text messages, music files, Videos files between HTC one and iPhone 5s.

To transfer contacts, you need to uncheck the items – text messages, music, and photos and just select the “Contacts“, and then click “Start Copy to do the transfer. When it ends, click Completed” to finish the transfer. One more important thing is to keep sure that your phones are in the state of connecting to your PC.