Top difference between Samsung pay and Apple pay


Mobile payment is the current technological advancement that is highly trending in the technological market. This online wallet system allows you to pay for apps in the fastest and easiest way. This is one of the convenient way pf payment in your phone since it actually works very well with you credit cards .Samsung Pay and Apple pay are quite different on terms of their features and usage .Samsung pay a product from the Samsung company is mainly meant for Samsung devices i.e. galaxy note 6 etc. while Apple pay from the Apple company is meant for Apple products such as iPhone .Here are the top difference between Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.

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difference between Samsung pay and Apple pay

Samsung pay is supported universally with almost 80 % of the world’s location and points of sale. This makes it very easy for mobile payments all over the world .On the other hand Apple pay only works where NFC is accepted like in the ATMs and Gas pumps.

Apple pay is not supported by any app .All you need to do is to double click on the Home button so as to access your wallet. This increases the security system and prevent hackers from accessing your account details by use of malwares. On the other hand the Samsung pay uses the over-the-air software that allows it be compatible with most devices.

You have to note that not all devices from this companies are compatible with the online wallet system. Apple pay is only compatible with this devices: IPhone 6s,iphone 6s plus, iPhone 6, IPhone 6 plus, Apple watch, iPad pro, iPad Air 2,iPad mini 4 and iPad mini 3.Samsung pay is compatible with the following devices at the moment: smart TV ,Galaxy S6,Galaxy note 5,Galaxy S6 edge plus, Galaxy S6 edge Sprint ,AT & T ,T-Mobile and US Cellular.

What makes Samsung pay more unique in compatibility is that it is also compatible with almost all of its device as you have the over-the-air software its very simple to update and enable the Samsung pay in your Samsung device.

Apple pay and Samsung do not store or send your personal information in the credit cards so as to prevent anyone to access your cash. Also both of them protect your account when you lose your phone hence no one can access your system of online wallet. Apple pay provides a more secure payment where you have to use your fingerprints to pay hence no one can make any purchases on your behalf .This is contrary to the Samsung pay which uses the Knox security software and ARM Trust Zone .

Apple pay has got a limited use where its conveniently meant to pay for online apps in the stores .It has got a limited number of stores in the world to pay from .On the other side, Samsung pay allows you to even withdraw some cash in ATMs with a maximum limit of $200, it also allows you to pay for various apps in the Play Store .you can also pay for your favorite movies, games and music in the Xbox