Top 5 Xiaomi Mi 3 best screen guard and protectors


Xiaomi Mi 3 being the most famous Smartphone of Chinese origin in its class at present is the favourite one of majority of the high end Smartphone lovers especially flooding in Indian market. This Smartphone holds a record of highest sales within 2 seconds in India. It houses a 5.0inches full HD display with resolution of 1920*1080pixels and pixel density of 441ppi. This amazing display comes sheltered with corning gorilla glass 3 protection. The display of this standard is counted among worlda��s finest display and it necessarily needs an extra bit of care and protection as compared to other rough and tough low end displays. This display is better loved in its finest contour and even a little scratch feels awkward at moments. So your display needs to be guarded by the best screen protectors currently available for your Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone. To keep your Smartphonea��s display as sparkling as its features, here we have recommended a list of best screen protectors for your Smartphone. These are going to keep your Smartphonea��s display, safer, gleaming and glittering.

Xiaomi MI3

1. Screenward Screen Protector:A� This is a high quality laser cutted screen protector designed to fit your Xiaomi Mi 3 perfectly. A�It protects your display from dust, scratch, and abrasion. It is very easy to apply on your display. Besides this, it provides protection to your every by filtering 90% of UV radiations tending to fall directly on your eyes.

2. Brain Freezer Tempered Glass Protector: This hammer tampered screen protector has got very high anti scratch property because of its origin of manufacturing. Even after its high density, it gives complete neat and invisible look. It is incorporated with an oleophobic coating which makes it resistant to fingerprints.

3. Mi Screen Protector: This brand new screen guard from Mi is highly durable and provides total protection from scratches. With its pack, you will get a practice film also. Besides this, it is free of messy air bubbles and glue resides. You can remove it easily without leaving any filth on screen with its clean material used.

4.A� Karpine Diamond ProGuard: It besides providing protection gives your Smartphone an attractive designing look after you switch off your Xiaomi Mi3. It is anti-scratch, anti UV and anti-finger print. Ita��s 3H rating of hardness clearly signifies that it can provide an exceptional protection from scratches to your Smartphone. A special chemical present in this protector makes it resistant against damaging radiations from sun.

5. Nillkin Amazing H+: This is an all-rounder screen protector designed for Xiaomi Mi3 providing protection against dust, oil, scratches, glare, etc. It has been composed from Harves nanotechnology and tampered maintaining its hardness up to 9H. It is also introduced with an anti UV chemical. Its nanotechnology manufacturing makes it only 0.3mm thick. It is also easy to use and recyclable.