Top 5 waterproof case for Apple iPhone 5 or 5S


iPhone 5sA�is considered to be one of the best smartphone launched in last year. It is slick, fast equipped with latest features. It is a 4-inch phone which is easier to carry,A�fits perfectly in your hand and pocket.A�If you a proud owner of iPhone 5s one of the concern you would be having is – protection of your iPhone 5s.

Have you everA�mistakenlyA�spilled water in your any of yourA�smartphone? Yes most of us face this some or otherA�time and all your data is lost or sometimes the phone does not work properly later on. In rainy seasonsA�or if you work at site near waterA�for exampleA�you are worried about even pulling your phone out of pocket wondering what if water goes in. You are at beach with your friends, family or on a waterA�ride;A�you want to take pictures of these memories but you too afraid to pull your cell out because ofA�water. This happensA�to every one of us especiallyA�when you got iPhone5s which a costly phone with greatA�cameraA�featuresA�you want to use the phone but youA�cana��t, well we haveA�solution thisA�days for all of this. You can buy a waterproof cover for your IPhone 5s and you not need to worry about its safety anymore, you can freely use happily anywhere you like.A�SO the question comes to your mind is which waterproof cover should I buy? ManyA�waterproof covers are out there in market. But I am going to tell you about top 5 cases best in quality out there in detail regarding every detail which wouldA�definitely make you want toA�buy one ofA�these.

1.A�Lifeproof Water Proof Case:A�

Lifeproof Water Proof Case

This is one of the best casesA�which are slim in size and thin. You can easily access all your features of phone it also has an integrated scratch protector.A�ThisA�case is water-proof,A�dirt-proof, snow-proof and even drop-proof.A�You can have completeA�access to all buttons, ports and controlsA�withA�maximum sound output with properA�clarity. The case has anti-reflective opticalA�glass camera lens. The case is waterproof for fully submersible up to 6.6 feet i.e. 2mA�and droop-proof for 2m.Its dimensions areA�5.45in x 0.56in x 2.65inA�with weight ofA�0.09lbs.A�ThisA�case givesA�you 1 year warranty. A�

2. The Otter BoxA�ArmorA�Water Proof Case:A�

Otter Box Armor Water Proof Case

This is the most rugged and heavy case for IPhone but it is one of the most protective.A�This case is water-proof,A�dirt-proof, snow-proof and even drop-proof.A�You can have completeA�access to all buttons, ports and controlsA�but the sound output is lit bit muffled at both ends.A�The case is waterproof for fully submersible up to 6.6 feet i.e. 2mA�and droop-proof for up to 10feet.A�These cases is dust proof with zero entry of dust and even crushA�proof up to 2 tonsA�The only dis-advantage of these case is its bulky in size but if that does not bother you it is the best case with best protection in extreme conditions.A�This caseA�gives you 1 year warranty.


Incipio Atlas Waterproof Case

This is aA�plastic and rubber case is made to withstand almost anything you throw at it.A�This case is water-proof,A�dirt-proof, snow-proof,A�drop-proof and even shock proof. ItA�is not muchA�bulky.A�You can easily access all your features of phoneA�TheA�case is waterproof for fully submersible up toA�6.56A�feet. The dimensions of this case is 5.40 (137.16mm) L x 2.66 (67.56mm) W x 0.62A�(15.75mm).This case gives you 1 year warrantyA�andA�in case from accidental damage includesA�repair orA�may be even replacementA�of the iPhoneA�5s.A�IT hasA�a simpleA�appA�thatA�allows users to completeA�their warranty registration as soon as they purchaseA�the case.A�

4. Griffina��sA�SurvivorA�+ Catalyst Waterproof Case:A�

Griffin Survivor Catalyst Waterproof Case

The Survivor + Catalyst partnership bringsA�together this caseA�waterproof case.A�This case is water-proof,A�dirt-proof, snow-proof,A�drop-proofA�and even shock proof.A�You can easily access all your features ofA�IPhone.A�TheA�dimensions ofA�this caseA�areA�withA�width: 2.65″ (67.3 mm), thickness: 0.56″ (14.2 mm)A�and height: 5.33″ (135.3 mm).A�The case is waterproof for fully submersible up toA�9.8A�feetA�i.e. 3m better than almost all the other cases.IT is designed to be droop proof for up to 6.6feet i.e. 2m.

5.A�WatershotA�Underwater HousingA�Waterproof Case:A�

Watershot Underwater Housing Waterproof Case

A�This is also one of the best waterproof cases in market. Housing is aA�very safeA�as itA�allows you toA�A�go up toA�100-120 feetA�underwaterA�A�withoutA�anyA�A�water damageA�to yourA�IPhoneA�5s.A�You can easily access all your features of phoneA�theA�case isA�rugged butA�bulky. ItsA�dimensionsA�areA�6 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches.


This is the top 5 choices of cases as per u. I suggest you should definitely buy any from this which suits your requirement and promise you wona��t be disappointed with any of the choice. Now you can use your IPhone 5s freely anywhere without worrying about its protection and all are waterproof. Enjoy!