Top 5 waterproof case for Apple iPhone 5 or 5S


iPhone 5s is considered to be one of the best smartphone launched in last year. It is slick, fast equipped with latest features. It is a 4-inch phone which is easier to carry, fits perfectly in your hand and pocket. If you a proud owner of iPhone 5s one of the concern you would be having is – protection of your iPhone 5s.

Have you ever mistakenly spilled water in your any of your smartphone? Yes most of us face this some or other time and all your data is lost or sometimes the phone does not work properly later on. In rainy seasons or if you work at site near water for example you are worried about even pulling your phone out of pocket wondering what if water goes in. You are at beach with your friends, family or on a water ride; you want to take pictures of these memories but you too afraid to pull your cell out because of water. This happens to every one of us especially when you got iPhone5s which a costly phone with great camera features you want to use the phone but you can’t, well we have solution this days for all of this. You can buy a waterproof cover for your IPhone 5s and you not need to worry about its safety anymore, you can freely use happily anywhere you like. SO the question comes to your mind is which waterproof cover should I buy? Many waterproof covers are out there in market. But I am going to tell you about top 5 cases best in quality out there in detail regarding every detail which would definitely make you want to buy one of these.

1. Lifeproof Water Proof Case: 

Lifeproof Water Proof Case

This is one of the best cases which are slim in size and thin. You can easily access all your features of phone it also has an integrated scratch protector. This case is water-proof, dirt-proof, snow-proof and even drop-proof. You can have complete access to all buttons, ports and controls with maximum sound output with proper clarity. The case has anti-reflective optical glass camera lens. The case is waterproof for fully submersible up to 6.6 feet i.e. 2m and droop-proof for 2m.Its dimensions are 5.45in x 0.56in x 2.65in with weight of 0.09lbs. This case gives you 1 year warranty.  

2. The Otter Box Armor Water Proof Case: 

Otter Box Armor Water Proof Case

This is the most rugged and heavy case for IPhone but it is one of the most protective. This case is water-proof, dirt-proof, snow-proof and even drop-proof. You can have complete access to all buttons, ports and controls but the sound output is lit bit muffled at both ends. The case is waterproof for fully submersible up to 6.6 feet i.e. 2m and droop-proof for up to 10feet. These cases is dust proof with zero entry of dust and even crush proof up to 2 tons The only dis-advantage of these case is its bulky in size but if that does not bother you it is the best case with best protection in extreme conditions. This case gives you 1 year warranty.

3. Incipio’s Atlas Waterproof Case: 

Incipio Atlas Waterproof Case

This is a plastic and rubber case is made to withstand almost anything you throw at it. This case is water-proof, dirt-proof, snow-proof, drop-proof and even shock proof. It is not much bulky. You can easily access all your features of phone The case is waterproof for fully submersible up to 6.56 feet. The dimensions of this case is 5.40 (137.16mm) L x 2.66 (67.56mm) W x 0.62 (15.75mm).This case gives you 1 year warranty and in case from accidental damage includes repair or may be even replacement of the iPhone 5s. IT has a simple app that allows users to complete their warranty registration as soon as they purchase the case. 

4. Griffin’s Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case: 

Griffin Survivor Catalyst Waterproof Case

The Survivor + Catalyst partnership brings together this case waterproof case. This case is water-proof, dirt-proof, snow-proof, drop-proof and even shock proof. You can easily access all your features of IPhone. The dimensions of this case are with width: 2.65″ (67.3 mm), thickness: 0.56″ (14.2 mm) and height: 5.33″ (135.3 mm). The case is waterproof for fully submersible up to 9.8 feet i.e. 3m better than almost all the other cases.IT is designed to be droop proof for up to 6.6feet i.e. 2m.

5. Watershot Underwater Housing Waterproof Case: 

Watershot Underwater Housing Waterproof Case

 This is also one of the best waterproof cases in market. Housing is a very safe as it allows you to  go up to 100-120 feet underwater  without any  water damage to your IPhone 5s. You can easily access all your features of phone the case is rugged but bulky. Its dimensions are 6 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches.


This is the top 5 choices of cases as per u. I suggest you should definitely buy any from this which suits your requirement and promise you won’t be disappointed with any of the choice. Now you can use your IPhone 5s freely anywhere without worrying about its protection and all are waterproof. Enjoy!