Top 5 new Android Games of the Second week – April 2014


Addictive game lovers we have just composed some brand new stuff for you to play on this second week of April. The craze for android games is increasing rapidly and ita��s making the developers to stretch their brains and get the new stuff out of it. So many exciting games are being developed is boosting our Adrenaline rush. Gaming craze has reached the scope that Smartphone developers have to set the phonea��s processing capabilities in the way which will suit the smooth running of games. On the other side game developers are increasing graphic qualities of games which obviously mean we need high speed processors and good RAM space to run the games. Another interesting fact you must know is that the most top rated games are being developed from movies whether animated or not. This weeks top 5 games also enclose movie based games and this week also had a launch of few jaw dropping games.

Top 5 new Android Games of the Second week April 2014

Check out the list of hotties of this week below:

1. Cut the Rope 2: After the sparkling success of Cut the rope in the android gaming world last year, ZEPTO lab has now developed cut the rope 2 for android users with many new exciting features. You can visit new places and unlock 5 new characters. Surprisingly this game was first made available for ios and latter on released for android platform and is available on Google play store.

Cut The Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 game for Android download

2. CSR Classics: This is a realistic racing game and has got excellent graphic quality. You can drive worlda��s most leading car models like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, etc. You can completely fulfil your racing instinct through this game and you wona��t need to risk your life in real racing. You can enjoy drag racing and drive against trained racers. Although this game is available for free on play store but you can buy upgrading parts for money.

CSR Classics

CSR ClassicsA�game for Android download

3. Captain America (The Winter Soldier): After the movie Captain America flooded in Hollywood theatres last year, Gameloft has now designed a strategy game Captain America TWS based on that movie. Just like the characters in the movie, you are captain America in the game and leader of your team S.H.I.E.L.D. When you are beaten down by the enemies you call Avengers for handling them. It has got a great story and you would actually love this game.

Captain America The Winter Soldier

Captain America (The Winter Soldier)A�game for Android download

4. Swap the Box: We assure you that you are going to get addicted to this game once you start playing it .A lovely puzzle game with interactive graphics and rich music. In the game you have to make a way out and connect three boxes and once you will connect them they will fade away. You will find different locations to play the game. It has got 96 levels and the game goes tougher and tougher after you cross each level.

Swap the Box

Swap the BoxA�game for Android download

5. Speed parking 4D: After the victorious glory of Dr Driving, now Speed parking 4D is making its way. It is a car parking simulator game with brand new graphics giving users the feel of 4th dimension. Ita��s so far being named as The Best Car Parking Game ever. So ita��s worth giving a try.

Speed parking 4D

Speed parking 4DA�game for Android download