Top 5 new Android Apps of the Second week – April 2014


Android Open Source Project has really come out to be a global giant software manufacturer; it always keeps surprising its users with its innovative applications. From meeting a friend to paying bills or recharging phones Android applications have summed up all this in our Smartphonea��s. They have made Google Play just like a river where new species of softwarea��s keep swimming and keeps on increasing every time. This planet of technology seems surrounded by a biosphere of Android applications. The developers are working very had because of inter-developer conflictions due to the vastness of AOSP and its freedom to users.
Here we are providing you with top 5 android applications of the 2nd week of April 2014, Take a glance:

Top 5 new Android Apps of the Second week April 2014

Top 5 new Android Apps

1. Firechat: Ita��s a robust chatting application developed by Open garden communication. Ita��s embedded with first ever Open Gardena��s technology called mesh networking technology. This amazing application can work without internet connection and even without network coverage. Its a must have application for a group of friends going for hangout, they can just connect with each other and even with others inside its range and have uninterrupted binding with each other.


Firechat app for Android download

2. Camera Awesome: It enhances your Smartphone camera capability and helps to take better pictures. It was already flooded in IOS market and now has been developed for Android also. It has been created in exclusive Android kitkat 4.4.2 design. Its unique features include multiple face recognition, more than 100 effects, and has got a�?awesomizea�? button for insta auto effects. Developer: Smug Mug Inc Photography.

Camera Awesome

Camera AwesomeA�app for Android download

3. Pocket Casts: It is a fabulous podcast application and is very adorable. It enables users to stay updated with all latest podcasts. Ita��s a user friendly application. You just need to add your favourite podcasts and watch them or download easily when they are out. It has got many features like it can keep back up of all your podcasts, subscriptions, etc.

Pocket Casts

Pocket CastsA�app for Android download

4. Photo Warp: This application is developed to have fun with photography. You can distort, bend and warp any picture and give it a funny look and share with your family and friends. Distortion effect can be used to any part of body. It allows you to make your or your friends picture look fat or can increase length of any body part. It has got many other tools like reconstruct brush, bloat, pinch, etc.

Photo Warp

Photo WarpA�app for Android download

5. Dollarbird: This application is very valuable and of course obligatory. It acts like a finance manager to you. It has got a stunning calendar where you can add your deals and reminders .It handles all your money transactions about where you want to use your money, gives you alerts about bills and also plans for your future. It also calculates how much money you can make in upcoming days or months. Thus, it is simply the best productive tool and a must have application.


DollarbirdA�app for Android download