Top 5 must have accessories for iPhone 6 Plus


With Apple iPhone 6 plus in your hands, you can do a lot of quality stuff using this Smartphone and the accessories made for it rather than using it solely. A whole range of iPhone 6 plus compatible accessories have been developed in the market. The protective add-ons for the iPhone 6 Plus which include cases and covers are very indispensible tools to save you costly Smartphone. Besides protection a lot of productive as well as entertaining things can be done with these cool add-ons which can simply double and triple the flavour of using iPhone 6 Plus. So, here we have hunted down few essential accessories compatible for iPhone 6 plus, you should definitely try.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

1. Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Case: Protection comes first always and this is the best available protective case for iPhone 6 plus out there. This military standard case is specially built for tougher weathers, accidental drops and shocks. It’s secret of toughness is it’s 4 layered lining including a polycarbonate shell, silicone, a good quality in built screen protector and tightly plugged cut outs and buttons.

2. InvisibleShield Case friendly HDX screen protector: The scratches on the screen like death and inevitable. There always comes a time when your display looks ugly due to scratches and spots in spite of protecting it. A screen protector is must have thing. It’s the best suited glass protector working finely with cased iPhone 6 Plus. It provides the 3X military grade shatter protection, high opacity and most essentially doesn’t leave filthy marks on display on its removal.

3. IPlunge stand: It’s the new and innovative miniature gadget compatible for any Smartphone. It can be used as a desk stand for your iPhone 6 Plus and it’s speciality lies in being easily removable because it sticks on your Smartphone by suction and can be applied and removed with easy. It is very handy and can also be used for watching movies in landscape view and doing a lot of other stuff.

4. IPhone 6 Plus 12x Zoom with Tripod Stand: This iPhone 6 Plus compatible accessory let’s you convert your iPhone 6 Plus into a powerful zooming camera. You just need to attach your iPhone 6 Plus behind the zooming tunnel and enjoy. Moreover your iPhone6 Plus can be oriented in any direction with its tripod stand. While using this accessory you can also get access to all the functions of your iPhone 6 Plus because of its precise cut out’s all over.

5. Olixar BoomBrick: It’s a high quality Bluetooth enabled portable music player for iPhone 6 Plus. The specialty of this speaker is its high quality bass boost enough to rock the party. A full set of adjustment buttons are present on its upper side. It is very handy in size and light weight, that’s why can be used anywhere. Besides these features it is an all-rounder with a durable material built allowing it to be used in any rushing environment.