Top 5 google apps for android phone


There are thousands of apps in the market but here are top 5 apps that we can say are a must have apps in your phone. These are some the most used and liked apps from users and recommended

Google keep:

This app will help you to quickly capture what is in your mind and will remind you about the same at right place or at right time. You will be also able to make a checklist and there enter the voice note otherwise click a photo and annotate that. Each and every thing which you add will be available in your device. This app is available for phone as well as desktop.

google Play

Google Drive:

With this app, you can store all the files at one place and after that you can access that from anywhere and with any device through your account. It will be easy to upload your files directly on the google drive with the help of this application. You can create new documents and share that with anyone. You can also set the permission for the people with whome you are sharing this file. you can directly open your documenst and PDF on drive.

Google Play Music:

With the Google Play Music, you will be able to discover, play and share music that you like. There is new All Access service from them and with the help of this you can play as many songs as you want on google play, listen radio and also access the playlist which is handcrafted by their music experts. With these added features, you can access listen to your music anywhere because you will get your music stored online. This removes the problem of syncing, storage space and offline playback.


With the hangout apps, you can make one-on-one and group conversations. These conversations also includes photos, emoji, and video calls and these all are for free. You can connect to your loved ones with computers, Android and Apple devices.

Google Currents:

This application brings the magazine-like editions into your tablet and your smartphone. This makes you to do high speed and offline reading. The options that you get in this application are Publisher editions , Fast scan, Breaking stories, Saved stories, with these options you can short your result.

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