Top 5 covers and cases for Motorola Moto G to buy


Motorola is back in action with its effective and powerful Moto G. After takingA�upA�by Google,A�Moto G has come with revisedA�technologyA�and with huge impact.A�Moto G recorded very impressive figures in terms of sales and became most appreciated device of this year.A�Moto G came up with low-budget segment but had many things to offer in that small budget.A�Quad-core processors, powerful RAM and super body design is the key feature of this phone.A�Now Moto G is facing out of stock situation globally and Motorola is trying to increase the production of this device. With so impressive sales figure of the device there will be increase in the accessories of the phone.A�There is huge demand of cases and covers for Moto G phones and to guide you with best covers we will review some of the cases which is best for your phone.

Moto G

List of covers and cases for Motorola Moto G in India

Motorola Flip Shell:A�
Motorola Flip Shell

Motorola Flip Shell is folio-style cover for your Moto G. It is same like flip cover which you see on other companya��s phone but still its different from others. You will have a back plate with this cover which you have to replace with the Motorola Flip shell.A�Front of the cover is rough diamond design but inside it is made up with microfiber linings with magnetic feature. When you close your flip phone will be in sleep mode and as soon as you open the flip you will wake up your phone too.A�Motorola Flip Shell will not protect you from sides because there is no protection from sides of the phone.A�If you want trendy and good cover then you can opt for this cover for your Moto G.

YesooA�Frosted Case:A�

Yesoo Frosted Case

This case will not cost you more and you can have many colors for your Moto G.A�As the price of this case is not much,A�you can tryA�new colorsA�dailyA�with the help of this covers.A�Material used for this case is very malleable and you can see Motorola logo through this cover.A�Your phone willA�encaseA�well with this cover and will protect you with small knocks and scratches from back.

AmzerA�Pudding Case:A�

Amzer Pudding Case

It is a simple TPU case with good price too,A�this case fits well with your Moto G and has well designed outlet for Power button and Volume rocker button.A�Case is design so well that you dona��t feel creepy case for your Moto G. It looks trendy and go well with your phone and can take knocks and scratches well of your device.

OtterBoxA�Commuter Series Case:A�

OtterBox Commuter Series Case

Impressive case with impressive price tagged, you will not complain about the price when you will use this case for your device.A�Design of the case is good with proper outlet for Power button and Volume rocker buttons.A�You will also get a screen guard with this cover so this cover provides all round protection for your device. Rubber material body will absorb all the knocks and scratch made to your Moto G.

CruzerliteA�BugdroidA�Circuit intelligent Wallet:A�

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit intelligent Wallet

If you likeA�handy wallet designed cover for your Moto G then you will love this cover for your phone.A�You will have to put your Moto G inside this case and lock with magnetized cover. Material is made with leather type material which will protect your phone from all around and your phone will be safe from scratches and drops.A�You can have different color cover for your Moto G.