Top 10 new features of official Android 5.0 Lollipop


Congratulations to Android Lovers, Finally the wait is over.  Android 5.0 Lollipop has been officially unveiled and Google will be making its first on Earth show on their own owned few Nexus devices. Latter on all the compatible Smartphone’s will be enjoying their most awaited lollipop. According to this is the most comprehensive and a giant update for Android OS ever since the launch of Ice cream sandwich update in 2011. Speaking to the sources, chief designer of Android stated that they got inspired from paper and ink and that’s where from the new design language for Android L originates. There are a lot of improvements and new features in Android L and much more stuff you should know. So, here we have collected every possible feature which Android L flaunts.

Android 5 Lollipop

10 new features of official Android 5.0 Lollipop

  1. Upgraded Battery Saving schema- Project Volta: As Google had already disclosed this project during Google I/O 2014, they have finally revealed that this project will be seen working in their Android L update. It will allow Android users to optimize the power consumption in such a way that least possible power consumption takes place and that too under permanent user control. Besides this optimization its upgraded power saver mode will be much more effective than past via different cut offs.
  2. Android – Chrome Integration: With the release of Android L, Google has strengthen the Android and their chrome Os bond by making personal log in feature available for Chrome OS. Whenever your Android Smartphone will be near to your chromebook, it will auto login. Moreover, the sync between your Android Smartphone and Chromebook has now been made possible. Their Chrome OS can easily run the famous Android applications.
  3. Enhanced UI: The previous UI of Android OS has been highly revolutionized in Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Your interface will no more be static now but will always be bouncy with the real new 3D effect introduction which will make the elements present on interface somewhat elevate so that 3D effect will be clearly noticeable. Moreover a brand new refreshing scheme of colours have been implemented all over the user interface.
  4. Broad Spectrum OS: So far this Android Os was limited to your Smartphone’s only but with this new release, Android L will be seen rolling out in cars via Android Auto and also in other accessories like TV’s and Smart watch’s. With this step, the Android Smartphone and car integration days are not too far, just be ready.
  5. Improved and simplified security mode: The new unlocking feature by the name of personal unlocking has been integrated in Android L which aims at improving the user security but in user friendly way. This new feature will allow users to set a specific location for their Smartphone’s which will be safe. On reaching that spot, your Smartphone will be automatically unlocked. The kill switch, much talked about earlier has also been introduced in this update.
  6. Upgraded Notification receiving system: In this Android L update, you will no longer have to pull down your notification bar for getting to them. Now you will directly be receiving notifications on your lock screen. New app heads will be display on your screen with the notification, you can just tap to go inside or swipe to ignore.
  7. Android Run Time (ART): This is the most talked update which people have been gossiping since Google I/O 2014 and its finally here. Finally Dalvik has been completely taken over by the new Android Run Time compiler which is super fast and has got very broad compatibility as compared to the older one.
  8. Android at Work – Best for business: With the contribution of Knox from Samsung to Android, Android has made this feature to put to work in Android L OS. This feature will be keeping an extra security for business stuff separating it from day to day entertainment stuff. Moreover android L be seen with proper office suite for editing and creating those files with ease.
  9. Chrome Browser Up gradation: Just like the UI of Android L, material design feature has also been upgraded into the Google chrome browser for android. Just like you are checking the apps you used recently in your Smartphone, after integration of chrome , you can also be able to check the Google search result tabs recently viewed just like apps.
  10. DNG / API compatibility for camera: This news is literally a rumor yet but according to the sources, this new update will allow users to save image files in the digital negative format. This allows enhanced picture improvement qualities like easy manipulation.