Top 10 Flip covers, Armor, Bumper, Cases for nexus 5


Accessorizing your phone is a cool thing. Your phone already looks awesome and the wonderful covers add to the beauty of it. Not only that but it also provides some much needed protection as well from external scratches from maybe keys and other stuff. So for that some great phone covers are now available and now even for the Nexus 5. The Nexus 5 has been released just yet and already we have some amazing covers coming for it in the market. So let us check out some great Nexus 5 covers.

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Cruzerlite Androidified A2 Case:
Cruzerlite Androidified A2
This is an amazing cover by Cruzerlite. In this you get the cover in nice bright colours and that too in way too many colours. Also the best of all this cover comes with Andy the Android bot on its back making it look much cooler. It is tough, robust, yet elegant in looks and you can get this one very easily on the Cruzerlite website right here.

Kayscase ArmorBox Heavy Duty Cover Case:
Kayscase ArmorBox Heavy Duty
This is as the name says, true Armour for your phone. It is tough, strong and thick and also is shaped like armour. The shape and design of the covers is quite intimidating and yet it fits just perfectly on your device and locks tight but also can be removed off easily without any scratching you device. You can get this cover at a great deal on Amazon right here.

Armourdillo Hybrid Protective Case:
Armourdillo Hybrid Nexus 5
This is another great textured cover for your Nexus 5. This is an amazing cover as it is textures almost like an armadillo, hence the similarly sounding name. This cover has a nice kick stand which opens up on which you can support the phone and then enjoy a great viewing pleasure. Also the cover supports wireless charging so you need not remove your cover to charge your Nexus 5 wirelessly. You can get this cover at a good deal right here.

Google Nexus 5 Bumper Case:
Nexus 5 Bumper Case
This is the official cover of the Nexus 5 from Google themselves. This cover is a good one which is specifically made by Google and hence the cover, protection and the fitting of the cover is just perfect and hence it will feel as if it is the part of your phone itself. The protection of the phone by this cover is also pretty good and looks quite natural on the device. You can get this cover on the Google Play Store; it is a bit costly, but then what do you expect for the brand as well.

Google Nexus 5 Ringke Fusion:
Google Nexus 5 Ringke Fusion
This is a very amazing cover with a transparent back. With this you can put inside the transparent case whatever you want and make your phone cover look the way you want. So this is an amazing case with superb personalization features on it and anyone who easily gets with a single thing can get this one and keep changing their cover pattern the way they like it. You can get this cover right here.

Spigen Slim Armor:
Spigen Slim Armor
This is one of those covers that had started leaking even before the original Nexus 5 was launched and hence this is a very interesting piece. It is slim and light and comes in light ceramic colours. The protection for the device is pretty cool and also is available for a very less cost. You can get it on the Spigen website and also on Amazon for a pretty good price.

LG Quick Cover for Nexus 5:
LG Quick Cover for Nexus 5
This is the LG’s own cover for their manufactured Nexus 5 device. LG has the complete specs as they have designed the device and hence they know perfectly well how the phone is shaped. This is also one of the official covers for the Nexus 5 and hence you can get this one on the Google Play Store itself.

Poetic Poetic Slimbook Case:

This is a great fake leather case and is available at a real steal on Amazon. It gives all round protection for your phone and also most importantly had magnets on it. The magnets though as not quite strongly so be wary of them popping out all of a sudden when you least expect it.

Boxwave Blackout Case
Boxwave Blackout Case
This is a great matt finish case which provides great protection to the back of the device and yet keeps everything open for easy access of all the features. It also provides some great holding grip and does not catch any fingerprints which is pretty neat. You can get this device at the Boxwave website right here.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case:
Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case
This is great back cover which toughened corners and edges and a clear back to show off the real beauty of the Nexus 5 device. It also has a scratch resistant coating which protects the device perfectly and most important of all this cover also provides some good hand grip for the device.

We checked out the best 10 covers for the Nexus 5 which was recently released in the market and many of you will surely opt for covers when you buy this device because of how much you will love your Nexus device and won’t want it to be scratched or damaged in any way at all. So comment down below and let us know which cover you will be choosing if you opt for the Nexus 5 and what you feel about the covers.