Top 10 best docks for iphone 5 and 5S under $300


Music is the most dominant thing controlling our souls and sailing around the world .It controls our emotions which is very essential feature of humans. On the other side, technology is dominated by Apple Inc all over the world. The best product of the dominant technology Apple which is iPhone 5s must get the best dock integration with it so as to add the perfection of music beats vibrating our souls. This was made possible only by Apples latest Lightning connector technology present in iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. Few years back speaker docks started to spread across but we had only few choices to choose from, but today the choices are vast like vastness of the universe of technology integrated with musical instinct.

iPhone 5s is presently the most up-to-date version of iPhone existing in market. A plethora of speaker docks are available for iPhone these days but most of them are either out of budget or worst quality. We have updated the list of best docks available for your iPhone 5S after a long research .You dona��t need to wander anywhere when Phone Lane is ready to serve you the best forever. Leta��s take a glimpse below:

10) Bose Sound Dock III: Ita��s a digital music system which lets you play music through Apple lightening connector. It is embedded with Bose digital signal processing which enhances its sound quality. The most important feature about it is that it has also got a 3.5 mm jack for other devices which do not support lightning technology .It also/ features an eight button remote control with it by which you can turn up volume, skip a song or scan and a pause /play button. It is available to you at a price of 249USD.

Bose Sound Dock III

9) Sony XDRDS16IPN: This speaker dock works only on latest lightning connector technology. It houses a pair of 3.5 watt speakers which produces good quality sound. It also includes complete FM radio. iPhone docking station is present on its front side, below it is a digital LED panel for showing basic information. It is provided with a remote control to perform basic functions like volume changing, pause/play .It also has a 3.5mm jack for non-lightning devices. It is available at a price range of 134.3 USD.


8) iLuva��s Aud 5: Ita��s the another best iphone 5 compatible speaker dock at a reasonable price range of 130 USD. Ita��s also based on Applea��s latest Lightning connector technology. It is compact looking, superior audio performance dock with dock station at its front.

iLuva��s Aud 5

7) JBL onBeat Micro: Ita��s a small sized speaker dock offering surprisingly high-quality sound besides its small size. It gives only 5 hours of backup and phone charging .You can also charge any other device through USB. Its lightning connector enabled therefore supporting latest iPhone models like iPhone 5.Ita��s available at a price range of 99.9 USD.

JBL onBeat Micro

6) Philips DS3205: This speaker dock is little larger than previous one and built in a UFO design but still portable, It can work on both AC and battery. This speaker dock plays high clarity sound because of its neodynamics speakers. Ita��s an updated version of Philips older speaker docks DS1155 and DS1030. It is available to you at a price range of 99 USD.

Philips DS3205

5) Philips DS1155: Its cool, small and high clarity speaker dock. It is compatible with iPhone 5 through lightning connector. It gives first-class outdoor music experience. It has got special clock synchronization features. It automatically synchronizes clock when iPhone is docked. It has got beautiful nightlight display and it suits besides your bed stand .It can also charge two devices simultaneously. It is available at a price range of 89 USD.

Philips DS1155

4) iHome iPL 10: Ita��s an affordable speaker dock with almost all functions provided by expensive ones.It has an inbuilt FM radio, a digital panel.You can charge and play music on it simultaneously.It plays impressive music with good bass.Its available at a price range of 79.95 USD.

iHome iPL 10

3) JBL onBeat venue LT: Ita��s an amazing high performance speaker dock which works on both wireless Bluetooth technology and Lightning connector technology. The latest feature about it is that we have to press the JBL logo in the front of it and the dock station comes out. This has added one star to its security. Inside its front white cloth is its pair of 30W amp. Ita��s available at price range of 79 USD.

JBL onBeat venue LT

2) IWANTIT ISDK13: Its a low budget portable speaker dock which runs on both direct AC and battery. Its structure is compact and light weighted, being low budget it does not feature any special application .Ita��s just plug and play. It is enabled with Lightning connector technology which makes it compatible for iPhone 5 and other latest generation iPods. Ita��s currently flowing in market at a price range of 41.8 USD.


1) Capello (ci200): Ita��s an iPhone 5 speaker dock with lightning connector.It also features clock and radio. It has been designed for giving soothing natural sound.Charge and play simultaneously.It has got many modes of music you will love to listen in morning like rain drops, white noise or gentle breeze.It has also got dual alarms which lets you set two different alarms for different days like holidays, etc. It is available at an amazing price range of 37.99 USD.

Capello ci200