Tired with slow charging? Tips to charge phone ultra-fast


Initially all the smartphones will get charged faster, as expected with time the time taking for charging the smartphone will increase more and more. This problem takes first slot compared to other problem list, with phone devices continuously seeming to run out of charge fairly when you require them the utmost. Charging your phone device earlier is the apparent key to the problematic situation, but re – powering your phone’s lithium battery will not be always a speedy procedure. Below are a few guidelines on how you can get your phone device to charge faster / quicker! This also helps you notice your mothera��s cautions not to make / receive calls while your phone device is plugged into a charger.

phone charging

Charge your phone faster via these tips

1. Switch on to Airplane mode: The coolest method to speed up the process charging of your phone is to switch to Airplane mode, prior your phone is connected to the charger. Basically, airplane mode shuts off all your phonea��s connections to Bluetooth, cellular, Wi-Fi and radio services which are main source to suck power, even when the phone is not in use. Added to these, in Airplane mode, you will not also be able to receive or make phone calls, neither texts, nor data use nor there do GPS available until you get back to normal your phone settings. Hence switching on your phonea��s Airplane mode before you connect your phone to charger plays a major role in charging your phone device faster. This can be achieved by going to the Settings a�� on home screen and then selecting Airplane mode, which is depicted by a small icon of airplane that appears at the top portion screen of your phone.

2. Use of appropriate charger: The use of correct charger makes the phone charge fast! Many people use both wall chargers and also USB mode to charge their phones, but always the use of the wall charger that is stem packaged with your phone is a fair choice. Wall chargers ensure a sturdier amp yield than the USB ports on your computer or laptop, and a charger manufactured by your phonea��s company will work well and healthier than a low-cost, third party alternative.

3. Turn your phone off: People have the tendency of looking into their mobile phones while it is getting charged to check whether they have got any text messages or any notifications, which affect the process of charging a lot. If you are able to switch off your phone completely till it gets charged, is one of the best method; as your phones goes into off mode completely, the power needed to operate the screen and motion sensors and to run the applications will be stopped. You will not be using your phone when you are charging it in switch off mode. Further, you all can be away from the tension of your phone for a while, till it gets switched on, you can be relaxed and put your focus on some other work you need.

4. Keep the temperature of your mobile low: Yes, charge your phone in a cool place so that it gets charged faster. Allowing it to charge in the Sun or in a hot car will heat up your device very much, weakening your phone. Also if you have kept your mobile in your pocket, then before charging take it out and keep for a while so that it comes to the surrounding temperature. This helps your phone device to charge faster.

5. Proper Battery maintenance: Many times it is utmost essential for your phone to undergo at least one complete charge cycle in a month, which means allowing your phone to switch off by itself by discharging all of its battery power. By doing so, you will help the electrons in the battery of your phone keep flowing and assure that it has the longest best life possible.