Tips to increase battery life on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the latest inclusion in the market and is an upgraded variety of the galaxy note 3. This phablet packs many amazing features and is the dream of any avid phablet user. However, it faces the problem of battery drainage just like any other high end smart phones because of its variety of functioning. Some ideas that will help you to contain the battery drainage in case of crucial usage are as given as follows.
Keep the phone in 2G mode only
As Samsung Galaxy packs in it 3G and 4g mode, this is alone what drains the battery in order to support this dual networking. So when you are not using 3g or 4G, it is better to turn it off by going to your settings and from there to your network modes. Turn the network mode to a�?GSM onlya�� in order to save your battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Increase Battery Life Of Galaxy Note 4

Disable connectivity facilities

Connectivity facilities like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth as well as NFC take a huge toll on your battery life and if kept on all the time will quickly sap your batterya��s power. In order to maximize your batterya��s longevity, turn these features off when not in use.

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Turn off live wallpapers

Live wallpapers, though pretty, take a lot of battery power to run continuously. It is advisable not to use them if you need maximum output from your battery. However, in times of low battery it is also recommended to set the screen brightness of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the lowest possible setting. Reduce the screen timeout duration to 15 seconds too, if possible.

Disable all the third part apps

The third part apps are the ones which take away much of your battery life as they are always functioning in the background. Minimize the usage of such third party apps. The ones you do not require can also be disabled by going to the downloaded section from the applications manager. If you do not require the app at all, then it is better to completely uninstall the app.

Update your software

Software updates for your Samsung Galaxy note 4 are available from time to time. Update the software when available, because the newest versions include features that help to maximize your battery life. From settings go to software update and update your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when the new updates are available.
Improve your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery life and enjoy your phone tablet hybrid to the utmost level.
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