Some tips to boost the battery Life of LG G3


LG G3 is the most remarkable and highly specified Smartphone recently flagged off by LG. This Smartphone has got every specification defined to its true state of existence. The smoothness of its working and running is great. It like all other heavy Smartphonea��s, it has got go through heavy work out each day so being an Android user you would be conscious about the fact that no matter how highly ranked a Smartphone is Android users have to crave for the battery drainage problem. No matter nowadays these problems are being minimized as much as possible but therea��s still a missing link. For high end Smartphonea��s the problem is that they are packed with a high power battery but the functionality and load of internal equipments are also increased considerably resulting in battery loss. Here we have bulleted some main effective way outa��s for you to get out of this battery drainage problem.


Tips to boost battery Life LG G3

1. Live wallpapers might seem to be fascinating to you giving impressive expression on the people but they also contribute to the frequent battery drainage. So change your wallpaper to a normal one instead of using live wallpaper if you are greatly concerned towards saving some more amount of battery.
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2. Turn you screen brightness as low as possible or either use auto brightness feature. The brighter your screen, the more battery eat ups will take place.

3. You dona��t need your Smartphone to keep continuously searching for new emails via push mail, this keeps your Smartphone in continuous use. This feature needs to be disabled and you should check your mails manually after the desired time interval. This will effectively help your Smartphone in saving battery.

4. WIFI and GPS might always keep bugging around your notification panel and always in search of new connections, so keep the turned off and use only when needed. This will also improve your battery life. Same should be done with Bluetooth in more strict way.

5. Always use a task killer or close unused applications manually which are not in use currently. The most predominant applications with which you can apply this is Skype, Hike, Messenger and other related fancy stuff. Also consider uninstalling an application when not found of any use. Most of the people due to good RAM and phone storage just like LG G3 keep an application installed for months even if ita��s totally useless. That should be strictly checked.

All the ways shown above are the best ways to optimise your Smartphonea��s battery and get most out of it. Otherwise if you got bucks in your pocket, you can get loads of varieties of power banks available in market. Instead of cutting off your phone usage comfort and personalisation which affects its usage experience, you can use it fully the way you want and keep it always awake via power banks. In general, if your Smartphone battery is removable get some extended battery.
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