Things you must know about Google Android Wear


Android wear is entirely newly developed Android platform for Smart watches. It was recently flaunted by Google in Google I/O 2014 and marked it clear that this platform is about to bring every Smartphone functionality on your fingertips. LG G watch, Moto 360 and Samsung Galaxy Gear Live are first precursors to receive this platform. It is aimed at producing high level Smart watch usage besides than just watching and as well as modernizing the symmetry of wearablea��s.

Google Watch

However rest of the developers like HTC and Asus might have also working on it. Recently Sundar Pichai on his statement about Android wear admired the features which will get unlocked with Android Wear which include voice commands and notifications. The most noble and essential motive of Google behind developing this platform is to minimize the Smartphone Addiction all over the world. This can be done by OK GOOGLE commands in which you can command you Smart watch for multiple things just like you want to find a nearby restaurant, just say Ok Google find me a nearby restaurant.

Besides remaining updated, it can also keep track of your fitness through its third party fitness applications. It has got best rocking entertainment features for you. Just like chrome cast and music. Along with QR code scanner. The benefit of a unique comprehensive Android wear for Smart watches is that just like Android Smartphone applications, this operating system will also get the maximum number of applications installed from developers. One of the fascinating news that hit the shelves recently is that True caller integration has been made compatible for Android wear so that you can get caller ID right from your watch and you will not need to take out your Smartphone for every time receiving a call. Much more applications like this are expected to arrive in future.

This application compatibility can prove to be a great asset for this technology and a threat for Applea��s iWatch. The worth noticing recently developed Smart watch running on Android wear is Moto 360 which was also the main eye gazer along with Android L in Google I/O 2014. This wearable will not be having any USB slot or any kind of charging slot but it will feature inductive wireless charging flaunting the technology which was used is nexus. It will also be compatible with maximum Android phones running 4.3 or above OS. However, it still remains ambiguous that whether ios 8 compatibility will be added to any of these devices or not. All these Smart watches will be released soon to standardize the technology of communication. Leta��s wait for the official release of these beasts and grab the best one for ourselves.