Step by step guide to root LG Google Nexus 5


It has not even been a week since the launch of the Google Nexus 5 and we have already got details about rooting the device. The developers and geeks are hard at work, and one XDA member named a�?Chainsawa�� has already rooted his device. And thanks to him, we now have a very simple solution to root the device. So if you are looking to root your Nexus device, then just follow the procedure given below and you will be done in a jiffy. But before starting we need to thank the CF Root Team for coming out with a way to root the Nexus 5.

You will have to first of all get a complete backup of your phone. You can use various backup apps available in the Google Play for backing up your contacts, call logs, messages, apps, etc. after you are done with that, you can go ahead with the rooting process. Also do make sure that you go into settings and enable USB Debugging. And now we are all set.

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How to root LG Google Nexus 5 – tutorials

Note:A�Do not that while performing this root, there might be chances of damaging your device which will not happen if you follow our instructions carefully and perfectly. For any damage that might be caused, we are absolutely not liable and responsible for it.


StepA�1. First of all you will need to download the zip file for rooting the Nexus device which you can get right here. (Bookmark a�?herea�? with this link;

StepA�2. After that you will need the ADB software for the installations which you can get on the Android website.

StepA�3. Now boot up your device in Fastboot mode. This is very simple, you just have to power off your device completely and then press the power button, the volume up and volume down button all three at the same time.

StepA�4. In about a couple of minutes you device will be loaded in the bootloader mode. Then you just need to type in a command depending on which OS you are using, you codes are given below.

Run root-windows.bat
chmod +x
Mac OS X
chmod +x

StepA�5. Now just follow the instructions that keep flashing on the screen and youa��re done rooting.
Note: If by any chance your device goes into a boot loop sequence, then there is nothing to panic about. Just power off your device and start the entire process from the beginning again.

This should totally do it for your device. If in case of any queries feel free to comment below and we will solve them for you. Enjoy your rooted Nexus 5 device and install any custom 4.4 versions of Android that will come out soon by many known sources. So have a blast and enjoy Android magic at its best.